Starbreeze teams up with Acer to manufacture the StarVR headset

Yeah, I expect a lot more other brands to pop up now that manufactures see that they can sell them for $500-$600 bux.
That's a nice boost in resolution from what we currently have.
very nice! The more companies investing in this tech, the better. Next gen HTC/Oculus units will likely end up with a similar setup (hopefully)

Well this will make me hold off to buy a VR headset. I hope it can come through.

I wouldn't hold my breath. Something tells me this will be prohibitively expensive and not something aimed at the consumer market (at least for a while)

"targeting the professional- and location-based entertainment markets as potential customers"

It sounds super cool though
That's a nice boost in resolution from what we currently have.

Bear in mind it's more than double the resolution, but also almost double the fov, so it's not going to magically solve the resolution and visible pixel issues. The increased fov is welcome though.
It's almost three times the resolution. Granted, 4K would be the best but 1440p would be a step forward.
i want the StarVR or none. The res on the other VRs are a damn joke. That starvr better be consumer. If the others are as low as 400 there is no reason this would cost more than 1 grand.