Vive/Rift Audio Setup Questions


Jun 2, 2005
Quick question...

My primary gaming PC is in my living room and doubles as an HTPC. I have it hooked up to my receiver via HDMI which is required for Dolby Digital HD/Atmos and DTS-MA/DTS-X. Originally I planned on just plugging in the headset as a display but use my existing speakers for audio as the quality of the audio and spacial positioning would be far superior to using headphones. I preordered the Rift but after reading up on it a bit I've learned this may not be possible which would be a deal breaker for me. I've also been seriously contemplating cancelling my Rift order and going with the Vive for other reasons.

I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with using either headset with external speakers or setting the headsets up in a similar environment to what I have?
I don't think it would work properly simply because it's intended for the audio source to track with your head movement. If the speakers are stationary, then I'd think it would cause some disorientation.

I'm sure it's possible to make it work with the right software though, but it may be difficult... especially when you consider distances to the speakers relative to your position. I'm guessing that headphones will always give you a better experience
Most of what I'll be playing will be cockpit/seated experiences (Project Cars/Elite/Star Citizen etc... etc...) so I'm not worried about audio logistics as much as being able to plug in the headset without having to unplug the computer from the receiver. Given how these units handle 3D I'd also like to be able to use the headset to watch 3D movies while still being able to use my audio system.
If you use speakers when you turn your head the sound isn't going to be coming from the correct direction. The game would need an option for using stationary speaker positioning. I doubt any of them do.
SteamVR supports dual audio, so you can play through speakers and headphones. Also be aware of this when you watch NSFW content :p