1. B

    FREE* blown up Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers (*just pay shipping*)

    5/14/23 this is done, thanks Faster7! Anyone want my old Klipsch Promedia speakers? Amp is blown. I have had it repaired before, this time I just bought a new set of the 2.1's. Mine is actually one of the OG series 4.1 (circa 2000), but 2 of the speakers blew last time the amp blew, so...
  2. M

    2 sets of speakers one PC

    Hi all first time post. Trying To find the best way to accomplish this task. I have two sets of speakers One is a Samsung sound Bar with a subwoofer and two additional rear speakers. I recently got a Great deal on a set of THX front speakers with a very nice subwoofer. I would like to hook up...
  3. cageymaru

    KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speaker Pair $299

    KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speaker Pair are $299 from KEF direct. https://www.kefdirect.com/specials/kef-specials/q150-bookshelf-speaker.html This is cheaper than Amazon which has them for $334.09. https://www.amazon.com/KEF-Q150-Bookshelf-Speakers-Black-x/dp/B071P6KQZX?th=1 Supposed to be really...
  4. cageymaru

    Dynaudio Deal of the Day Amazon

    Dynaudio is available as an Amazon Deal of the Day. 38% off. Yes, they are expensive. At least for me. :)
  5. babelmh13

    New Speaker-Sub w/ Mini Amp/DAC Recommendations

    Looking for suggestions on components for upgrading my speaker setup. Right now, have a 10-ish years old logitech 5.1 system with the volume/power knob on the center speaker that mounts to the bottom of my monitor. I get white-noise from the center speaker when there is no audio playing and one...
  6. NoxTek

    HAWT: Micca MB42X-C Speaker (Refurb) $49.99 each

    https://www.amazon.com/Micca-MB42X-C-Channel-Certified-Refurbished/dp/B073ZLCWD6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1539753436&sr=8-3&keywords=mb42x-c Amazon has a limited quantity of certified refurbished Micca MB42X-C speakers for $50 each with free shipping. These go in and out of stock periodically -...
  7. R

    External speakers for Nuvision tm1318 (Android)

    Has anyone been able to add external speakers to a nuvision tablet tm1318 which uses Android 4.4.4 and can't be upgraded. I have tried connecting to the microusb, but even though the speaker controls will move the volume indicator on the screen I don't get any sound. I've connected to the...
  8. w1retap

    [EXPIRED] 15% off Microcenter Gift Card (Specific Categories)

    *** DEAD DEAL *** http://www.microcenter.com/site/customer-support/giftcards.aspx In-store only. Applicable Categories: Speakers & Speaker Systems (Desktop, Portable, Home Theater, Stands & Accessories, Refurbished) Gaming Headsets & Headphones, Earbuds (Bluetooth & Refurbished) Camera...
  9. O

    Sharing 5.1 speaker system between 2 computers

    I have Logitech X-540 Speakers (5.1) and I was running them on my desktop for several years. I built another PC that I want to use for gaming only. While I have G430 headphones for it, I would like to have an option to switch my speaker system between these 2 PCs. I researched many KMV switches...
  10. B

    PC Speaker recommendations?

    I'm considering picking up a new pair of speakers for my desktop and i'm not sure of what to go for. I've been eyeing the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 based on this thread for a good while now and was considering picking up a pair. Before I did, I was wondering what other PC speakers are worth picking...
  11. D

    Lots of Computer stuff 4 sale

    If you think the price is too high, dont be afraid to make me an offer. ;) EDIT: Payment method: Sorry, I can not accept Paypal. I can accept Money Order, Cashiers Check, etc. Heatware: Dave3d Ebay: Clambakebilly (although ebay deleted my account due to innactivity. I tried to get it back, but...
  12. B

    Plz Help fast!!!!! can 16 gauge wire connect to polk audio p15?

    I just bought Polk Audio P15, but i don't know that can i plug the 16 gauge into the speaker or not, i know that my reciever can plug the 16 gauge. And how to plug a receiver( sony strk900) into my computer, i have a SPDIF port and an audio jack, and HDMI in my PC . thanks for helping
  13. FrgMstr

    [H]ardOCP Spec Bookshelf Speaker Setup

    About a year ago, my Corsair speaker system finally went to the Big Amp Graveyard in the Sky after using it for about a decade. While I loved using Corsair's setup, I did not want to put another subwoofer at my feet because of limited room of the way my desk is built into the wall in my office...
  14. D

    Bluetooth Transmitters and Multiple Speakers

    I bought a Denon AVR-x4200w last week and got everything hooked up. I am very satisfied. Thanks for the help. I've got my family room wired up with 5.1 surround and the pair of speakers over my back deck/patio set up as zone 2. It worked great for a neighborhood get-together/cookout that I...
  15. A

    Edifier r1280t vs Logitech z623

    Hello guys. I need to buy new sound system for my computer wich is placed in a living room/open space with around 80m2. I basicly want sound system to watch movies, play some games and listen to some music while Im going around the room. Want to spend around 120 euros. Edifier r1280t vs...
  16. MrGuvernment

    Got some free speakers...how to power them?

    Hey all, Today went to drop off the trash and someone had left these, while not high end, they seem decent enough: B&W DM303 - http://www.bowers-wilkins.com/Downloads/Product/Archive/ENG_FP12297_DM303_info_sheet.pdf Description: 2-way vented-box system Frequency range (-6dB): 52Hz and 30kHz...
  17. M

    Computer Speaker Selection?

    My current Logitech 5.1 x530 have died after 7 years. I have a Sound-blaster Z as my sound card (could go to MB Gigabyte Z170 Gaming 7). Looking for an all around speakers for music with Spotify Premium and gaming. Any suggestion of the three or one I have not thought of. Looking to stay...
  18. V

    Active surround ceiling speakers / monitors

    Hello I am looking for some nice pair of active surround speakers to put in the rear ceiling, was hoping for some recommendations. I want to go 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound on my pc, money should be no object.
  19. rezerekted

    Best speaker ever?

    Anyone have these and agree?
  20. DoubleTap

    WTS Marantz NR1501 Slim 7.1 Receiver + 6 Orb Audio Mod1 speakers + misc (WTT for GTX980ti only)

    Currently I'm selling this together - don't ask about breaking it up. Marantz NR1501 - this is one of the few slim models they made that was 7.1 - It's in perfect working order and excellent physical condition - zero problems. Includes Marantz RC006SR remote Marantz NR1501 Orb Audio Mod1...