Edifier r1280t vs Logitech z623


Aug 25, 2016
Hello guys.
I need to buy new sound system for my computer wich is placed in a living room/open space with around 80m2.
I basicly want sound system to watch movies, play some games and listen to some music while Im going around the room.
Want to spend around 120 euros.

Edifier r1280t vs Logitech z623?

Do I lose a lot chosing edifier because they dont have bass? and are not 2.1?
Are they powerful enough for the whole room?

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

Aurélio Figueira
Well, the Logitechs mentioned don't have tweeter drivers. The Edifiers lack a sub. I'd probably keep looking for other options if it were me.
Try to look for some second hand stuff. 120 euros is just too cheap.
I've sworn off the Logitech stuff, I had their Z560 and Z2300 and have a cheap $20 2.0 set of right now. No tweeter = no deal IMO.

If the choice is between a 2-way speaker setup like the Edifier or a sub but no tweeters, I'd personally go for the proper 2-way setup everytime. They just sound so much better at lower volume levels so you don't feel like you need to crank it all the time.

At this price range, I had a pair of Klipsch Promedia 2.1's about a decade ago and I think they're the no brainer.
do you recommend another 2.1 set?

Had a great altec lansing 2100 set for 10 years.. it cost 75 euros :)
Not for me. The market has gotten a lot smaller over the last 16 years and other than the Klipsch Promedia 2.1, I would have to suggest stepping up to the much more expensive bookshelf + sub setups. Such as the AudioEngine A2+ or A5+ and the AudioEngine S8 subwoofer. A $600USD to 750USD investment. Stepping up from the Klipsch for me would not involve that, I'd piece together a custom sub + amp + bookshelf solution of my choosing and just go all the way.

For a cheaper 2.1 setup than the Klipsch, I suppose Logitech would work but I would just save up for the Promedias myself and wait a few more months to collect the money necessary.

I think the suggestion to look for used stuff locally is a pretty good idea if the Klipsch are out of range.
I couldn't find Amazon Portugal but took a look at what's available in Spain. Why not get these then add a sub later? If M-Audio sells it by itself that is. I'm not sure they do.

I think those are a good choice. They won't have a lot of bass but they'll sound nice and clear and can be upgraded with the sub.

Or you can just fallback to the Logitechs https://www.amazon.es/Logitech-Z623...7_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=5BFR2GHZA02EP21F6ZVC
You guys don't have a lot of choices over there. The AudioEngine stuff is massively overpriced too. If you can't find M-Audio selling their sub by itself, which I don't think they do- just get the Logitechs. You'll like them especially for gaming.
Yeah, and it's a tough call. I like those R1280Ts too. They're the better speaker in general for sure. If you want big bass, Logitech. If you want better sound, Edifier. For me personally, I don't want too much bass- it disturbs others in the house. So I'd pick the Edifiers for sure. But it depends what you're looking for within your living arrangement. Apartment, house, family, alone, etc. I love the sound of a good quality bookshelf speaker setup and I think they're "good enough" for sure with bass. Subs are just invasive as hell, even if they are definitely fun.

I originally mentioned the Klipsch because I think they're kind of the best of every world, not too much bass, but good full range sound. If you keep the bass knob all the way down they work for most setups, while having the boom when and if you want it.

For me, Edifiers. But I've had a lot of Logitech speakers over the years and while fun for gaming, they don't actually sound very good for music. They have a really odd crossover point set that makes them sound very muddy and boomy. They're just kind of bad IMO. And I'm not an audio guy. I dislike seeking opinions on audio because I dislike reference, studio sound and many of those guys love that "exquisite" Sennheiser sound that I really find isn't ideal. I just like things to sound decent to me, but that generally requires a 2-way speaker setup.
I think the 5" woofer + tweeter bookshelf speaker setups are perfect in sound for my taste but they're massive speakers to sit on a desk. Need stands or wallmounts, if the bass port is even on the front- many are on the back so wall mounts aren't feasible.
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Looking more into those Edifiers.. I really like what I'm seeing. Reviews are pretty interesting too. https://www.amazon.com/review/R1YSMNVX95L7PP/
I'm considering buying a set of these for myself. I'm in the market for a 2.0 system with decent bass but not subsonic.

I also like that they're a Chinese brand. Instead of handing 5000% profits to American or European companies for products manufactured in Vietnam or China, I prefer to just go straight to the source and save a few bucks. Buy Chinese direct, cut out the middleman. That's what most of companies are peddling anyway.