1. cageymaru

    AMD R9 7950X Overclocked to 6.45GHz Using LN2

    GamersNexus was invited to an AMD sponsored event to witness some extreme overclocking of the upcoming AMD R9 7950X. The guys seemed to favor 1.52 volts as they pushed the silicon from 5GHz all core to 6.45GHz. Half of the video is LN2 overclocking and the second half is tips and tricks for...
  2. N

    FS: Asus X570-Plus, Ryzen 9 3950X, PSUs and NVME

    Moving to a Mac Studio for work. Seasonic Prime 1200W Gold Never used. I had this in storage $120 + shipping EVGA Supernova G3 850W $50 + shipping Samsung EVO Plus NVME 970 2TB $140 + shipping heatware = note235 162- 0 - 0 Local pick up in Seattle
  3. Darkswordz

    Ryzen 9 5950X = $499.00 @ Newegg

    Newegg has the Ryzen 9 5950X on sale for $499.00, which is pretty nice if you're looking for an in-socket upgrade. :cool: However, if the leaked benchmarks of the 13600K are accurate, this might not be a stellar deal for folks looking to build a new system from scratch.
  4. I

    FS: AMD Ryzen 5600x SOLD

    Hey, i have a Ryzen 5600x id like to sell, its brand new in box and never used, i went with an 8core chip instead. $170 shipped.... SOLD... Paypal F&F or you pay the 3.5% fee.. i will ship this bad boy saturday or monday depending when i can get back home.
  5. I

    FS: AMD Ryzen 5950x -- Sold

    I have a 16 core Ryzen 5950x to move, about 3 months old, ran under an aio the whole time, no abuse no OC, $425 shipped... SOLD... paypal F&F or u pay the 3.5% fee. i will ship this out monday.
  6. Darkswordz

    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X = $379.99 @ Newegg after instant rebate

    Newegg is selling the Ryzen 9 5900X for $394.99 - $15.00 instant rebate = $379.99. :eek: Link: https://www.newegg.com/amd-ryzen-9-5900x/p/N82E16819113664?quicklink=true

    FS: Razer Streaming set! | Kiyo Pro webcam, Seiren X microphone and Atheris wireless gaming mouse | FREE SHIPPING!

    Hey [H]ardforum, Today I have an all RAZER sale. I'm liquidating my personal inventory so I can make way to purchase some items for the kids this holiday season. So, my loss is your gain. I'm selling the following Like New/Barely used condition items: Razer Kiyo Pro webcam (MSRP $199.99) Razer...
  8. S

    Benchmarking problem, GPU and RAM

    Dear community, I tried to benchmark my Asus configuration. I have: Ryzen 7 3700x GTX 1070ti Ram Corsair 4*8 Go Samsung 970 Evo+ I got following results: There is apparently a problem with the GPU and the RAM in this bechmark. However I have no problem to play games. I searched on...
  9. C

    FS: G.Skill 16GB 3200 CL16, Fractal Node 804

    Hi, I'm open to trades. I am mostly looking for server class hardware or networking equipment. I am also looking for a NVENC encoding/decoding Quadro card such as the P2000. heatware 40 0 0 I accept paypal and apple pay. Prices are without fees, add PayPal fees to prices unless F&F. Please PM...
  10. cageymaru

    AMD Celebrates 5 Years of Ryzen Processors

    AMD is celebrating 5 years of its Ryzen product releases with a new celebration page and video. Robert Hallock and John Taylor from AMD have a sit-down discussion where they go over the AMD roadmap, next generation technology, 3D V-cache, and more. In 2022, expect to see an all new platform...
  11. kniwor

    Upgrading processor for my Gigabyte AX370 motherboard

    Hi All, I currently have a Ryzen 5 1600. I'm hoping for a processor upgrade and I am not really in the mood for upgrading the motherboard at the moment. What's the best upgrade I can do here? I don't really need the latest and greatest. Just something that makes sense. I am a little confused by...
  12. U

    PSA: High CPU clocks/power consumption on idle on Ryzen CPUs caused by Windows Image Acquisition (WIA service)

    As my posts on this thread indicate https://hardforum.com/threads/5900x-dark-hero-idle-temps-issue-and-voltage-when-gaming.2011653/page-2#post-1045132556, myself and many other users have been plagued by high core clocks and power consumption on Ryzen CPUs when the machine is doing very little...
  13. S

    FS: MSI Gaming X GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Overclocked and GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ULTRA AMD Ryzen 3000 MB

    I recently got a 3080 via Newegg Shuffle, so I'm selling my old card and the motherboard I had to purchase with the 3080. SOLD Card: Purchased 5/2018 from Microcenter. Haven't had an issue with it since purchase. I've never touched the voltage or clock speeds on it. I've also never mined with...
  14. stonewalker

    Asus RT-AC68R router

    I have a Asus RT-AC68R router. Has power cord and antennas. Dont think I have the original box though. Sold. Heatware is unitedflow https://www.heatware.com/u/58802/to
  15. Horiscopes

    Updating BIOS on B550 Motherboard in order to accommodate 5800x

    Hey guys, I am working on building my dad a PC at the moment, and I want to get him a 5800X for his build so he can run whatever he wants at essentially max FPS. The only problem I've run into is that B550 and X570 motherboards (according to PCPartPicker and the rest of the internet) need to...
  16. Darkswordz

    Ryzen 9 5950X @ Newegg - $899.99

    Seems like a pretty decent price, considering it's chronically out of stock. The sale isn't fulfilled by Newegg though, it's a 3rd party seller, so your mileage may vary. Ryzen 9 5950X = $899.99
  17. kamikazi

    Closed: Intel Xeon X5675, Mushkin Blackline DDR3-16000 (2000 MHz) 12GB RAM (3x4GB) - $115 shipped

    AMD Ryzen 9 3950X used with retail packaging - $540 shipped Paypal G&S with insurance Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Rev 2.0 with Intel Xeon X5675 (3.06 GHz) 12 GB (3x4GB) Mushkin Blackline DDR3-16000 (2000 MHz) RAM 9-11-9-27 @1.65v CPU backplate, slot cover, backplane, triple SLI bracket, and owners...
  18. DusterAZ


    Brand new GIGABYTE B550 AORUS PRO AC motherboard for AMD Ryzen. Has never been removed from static bag or box. Includes all original accessories. *SOLD*

    FS: SOLD

    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (8c/16t AM4) - $200 Shipped / $180 Local Pick-Up (91789) *SOLD* Pulled in excellent working condition from our personal PC due to an upgrade. Includes the (used) Wraith Prism RGB cooler with the 4-pin RGB cable (does not include a 3-pin USB cable). Can negotiate on price if you...

    FS: Dell Inspiron Gaming Laptop w/Backpack, Lapdesk and Mouse | Corsair K70 Keyboard and Ironclaw Wireless Mouse | Razer Seiren X | FREE SHIPPING!!!

    Hey [H]ardForum family, Today I have several computer parts for sale. I'm selling these items as part of my spring cleaning to reduce storage clutter. Wife's orders lol. Items were barely used then placed in their original packaging and stored away. #1 Like new Dell Inspiron 7567 Gaming...
  21. N

    FS: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

    AMD Ryzen 7 5800X - Original owner. $400 shipped.
  22. D

    [PRICE DROP] FS: MSI MEG X570 Godlike, LG 38GL950G-B, Fractal Define 7 XL

    For Sale: Parting out various systems of mine as I've either upgraded or no longer need them. MSI MEG X570 Godlike - $600 plus shipping LG Ultragear 38" Ultrawide 38GL950G-B - $1250 + shipping. Fractal Define 7 XL (Smoked Tempered Glass) - $125 + shipping. All prices are paypal F&F rates, if...
  23. R

    SOLD: AMD Ryzen 3600X with Wraith Prism cooler

    Selling an AMD Ryzen 3600x processor with Wraith Prism cooler. I upgraded to a 5600x so no longer need this processor. Was uninstalled 1/31/2021 and works perfectly. Will come in a 3800X box with respective Ryzen 7 sticker. All cables for cooler RGB included. Asking $old Please PM questions...
  24. A

    T-Force OC 4166 16-18-18-42 final tweaks?

    Wanting an upgrade from 3200mhz I bought a 16GB set of TeamGroup T-force nighthawk last month. But once I installed it I wasn't happy how it looked. I've spent hundreds on corsair fans, LED's and controllers plus h150 capellix AIO. And when I couldn't control the LED's in them through the...
  25. U

    FS: 5800X BNIB

    Doubt anyone is interested since these have been dropping like rain in well a rainforest recently..but have a BNIB 5800X if anyone wants it. Price is $520 shipped ppff/venmo only, shipped priority, paid $490 to Amazon. If no one claims it by tomorrow, back it goes. Thanks. PS: nvm, sent back...
  26. N

    FS: AMD Ryzen 1700 + Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5 + Ledger Nano S (NIB)

    Ryzen 1700 Asking $115 + shipping Never Oc'd. Doesn't come with cooler but can add the original one for $20. Comes with original box. Gigabyte x370 Gaming 5 sold Ledger Nano S sold Heatware = note235 https://www.heatware.com/u/48414/to Local pickup in Seattle
  27. N

    PC not shutting down correctly or restarting correctly. Fans and lights staying on with black screen.

    Merry Christmas. It has been two years since my last post and I've finally found the solution as to why my system wasn't shutting down or restarting correctly. To anyone experiencing the same issue, hopefully this will save some headache, time, stress and money. In Dec 2018, I upgraded my...
  28. H

    FS: Ryzen 5800X & MSI X570 motherboard

    Hi All, Was lucky enough to be able to get a 5900X which is what I really wanted, so selling some parts I won't be using: 1) AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (BNIB sealed) Asking: $540 shipped Picture: [ 2) MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus Combo (open box, will ship in ASUS box. Comes with motherboard, I/O...
  29. luisxd

    [Passmark] Ryzen 5 5600X claims the first place in single-thread performance in Passmark

    A Ryzen 5 5600X result has appeared on Passmark, which has given to the Ryzen 5 5600X the single-thread performance crown, beating the i9-10900K by almost %10. source
  30. postcd

    10K+ passmark & 64GB RAM miniPCs 2020 ?

    Hello, any mini PCs (energy and space efficient computer) in 2020 with performance CPUs like AMD Renoir 7nm CPU 4800U (17K passmark) and RAM support 64GB ? So far i know about ASUS PN50 which i sold with Ryzen 4800U (one of the highest performance Renoirs) and possibly at the end of the year the...
  31. S

    Ryzen PPC Adjustment

    I've been searching for an answer for a while now... What does it actually do? Can someone explain it? What are the affects of picking P0, P1, or P2? Note - Ryzen 7 1700X, on MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max.
  32. U

    AMD Launches Ryzen Threadripper Pro - OEM only

    https://www.anandtech.com/show/15910/amd-announces-ryzen-threadripper-pro-workstation-parts-for-oems-only Today, AMD is announcing its first set of workstation products, under the Ryzen Threadripper Pro branding. However, it should be noted that these processors will only be available as part of...
  33. S

    I made a huge mistake buying this build. Bottleneck

    Main specs: MSI A320M PRO-VH PLUS GTX 1050Ti Ryzen 5 2600 8GB DDR4 2666MHz I play on 1080p 75Hz. A bit longer than one year ago I made a pc build which I was really excited about. Back then I did not have much knowledge about computers in general, so I didn't buy an SSD with it, which already...
  34. TheHig

    FS| FT EVGA 2060 Super sc ultra

    Parting out my workstation and adding things as I get to them. Prices are shipped CONUS only and Paypal for payment please. Heat: jfiveone94 EVGA 2060 super sc ultra with retail box $350 TreeFiddy https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=08G-P4-3067-KR Will consider trades involving AM4...
  35. M

    WTB: Ryzen 7 3700x

    Just like the title says, looking for a 3700x. If you have a AM4 ATX mobo as well I would potentially be interested in buying that too, lets see what is out there!
  36. TheHig

    FS/FT Ryzen 5 2400g CPU $85 SOLD| LGA 1150 Asrock H81 itx mobo, cpu, ram combo $85 SOLD

    I have a couple of items ready for a new home. Accepting Paypal and pricing is shipped CONUS. Ryzen 5 2400g CPU only in blister pack $85 shipped. SOLD This was the heart of my TV PC and was terrific for streaming, general use and light gaming but it turns out I actually like couch gaming...
  37. TheHig

    FS/FT x79 Combo SOLD

    X79 combo- $180 shipped. SOLD to Beaflag VonRathburg Purchased here on [H] a while back and added the Xeon. Has been pulling light duty as my TV PC but I’m replacing it with an ITX box. AsusP9 x79 Pro 4x4 Corsair Vengeance 1600 quad channel for 16Gb total. E5 1650v2 6 core 12 thread Xeon...
  38. P

    Ryzen 5 2600

    Nothing wrong with it. Just upgraded to ryzen 9. Used in a spare computer for the wife..Guaranteed to work. Have stock Hsf if needed. 70obo SOLD SOLD SOLD
  39. D

    Asus Prime x570-pro locks up at post...

    As the title says, I can't get past the ASUS logo screen with the prompts to enter the bios. I just put together an Asus MB combo with a 3900x on top of it. System Led lights all pass and then boot light is steady green. I'm assuming that is good, right? Asus screen comes up, but I never get...
  40. Darkswordz

    FS: Gaming PC - Ryzen 2700X, Local Pickup

    I'm selling this custom-built gaming PC. :smug: CPU: Ryzen 2700X w/ Wraith Prism Mobo: MSI X470 Gaming Plus GPU: MSI Gaming GTX 1070 8GB RAM: 16GB G.Skill PC3000 CL15 SSD: Inland 512GB M.2 NVME PSU: EVGA 600W 80+ Case: Corsair Carbide 175R Fans: 2x 140mm; 1x 120mm OS: Windows 10 Pro Price...