FS: RTX 3070, MSI B660M Mortar WIFI Motherboard + 16GB RAM, Macbook Pro M1 14", Macbook Pro M1 16", AMD Ryzen 9 7900 Combo, Corsair ML120 Fans


Apr 1, 2008
Images: https://postimg.cc/gallery/Rz6LcX5

Shipping is available in the contiguous US and is NOT included in the prices. Local pickup for cash is available near Cleveland, OH

RTX 3070 8GB: $330 + Shipping

  • Pulled from an HP Omen.
  • I've never mined on the card and never even checked if it was LHR or not.
  • Works great, comes with 12-pin power adapter.
MSI B660M Mortar WIFI Motherboard + 2x8GB Kingston 3733 RGB DDR4 RAM: $160 + Shipping
  • Motherboard is updated for 13th gen.
  • Please don't ask for just the board or just the RAM separately. They have to go together. You can always resell the one you don't want.
Macbook Pro M1 14": $1300 + Shipping
  • Space Gray
  • 8c CPU
  • 14c GPU
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD
  • Under 20 Battery Cycle Count
  • Has AppleCare registered (purchased sept, 2022 I think) but not in my name so I can't transfer ownership of it.
  • Comes with box and charger.
  • Case included for free if picked up locally.
Macbook Pro M1 16": $1650 + Shipping
  • Space Gray
  • 10c CPU
  • 16c GPU
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD
  • Under 40 Battery Cycle Count
  • This macbook is no longer under warranty.
  • Comes with charger, but I do not have the original box. I have a replacement box for shipping purposes though.
  • Case included for free if picked up locally.
AMD Ryzen 9 7900 Bundle: $650 + Shipping
  • Ryzen 9 7900 (non X) CPU
    • Used, great condition. Can include original box and Wraith Prism if asked, but will require much bigger shipping box.
  • ASUS B650A-F ROG STRIX ATX Motherboard (White)
    • Great condition, includes box & stuff.
  • 32GB GSKILL Flare X5 DDR5 6000 CL36 RAM
    • New in box, never used.
  • I totaled this up at Newegg and it came to around $830 + Tax.
4x Corsair ML120 non-RGB 120mm Fans: $30 + Shipping
  • Very good condition, but no box.
  • Corsair sold these for $40 per pair. Doesn't seem like that was agreat deal, but it is what it is.