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Jun 12, 2004

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (8c/16t AM4) - $200 Shipped / $180 Local Pick-Up (91789) *SOLD*
Pulled in excellent working condition from our personal PC due to an upgrade. Includes the (used) Wraith Prism RGB cooler with the 4-pin RGB cable (does not include a 3-pin USB cable). Can negotiate on price if you do not want the Wraith Prism cooler or if someone wants to purchase the cooler separately.


AMD Wraith Prism RGB Cooler (Used) - $25 Shipped - $20 Local Pick-Up (91789) *SOLD*
This cooler came with the Ryzen 3700X above and was used for about 3 months.

Warranties & Returns:
I will accept returns and honor full refunds of DOA items or "not as described items" up to 72 hours after buyer's receipt of the merchandise.
Please test and examine merchandise upon receipt for the smoothest possible transaction and remediation. Cross reference undisclosed physical damage/imperfections with my photos.
Shipment handled via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground. I prefer to include signature confirmation on items over $99, but this can be waived at buyer's discretion.

If you have any questions please PM or post your question here.
If any issues arise please contact me directly before leaving feedback. Things come up, life events happen to everyone, and I'm always willing to work things out! 🍻

Payment & Heatware:
I accept cash (local-pick up) and Paypal G&S (buyer pays the fee)
Items are located in LA County / San Gabriel Valley. ZIP code 91789
Heatware is under SPARTAN VI


Nothing Yet... - $0


Nothing Yet... - $0


Nothing Yet...- $0
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Bump because you said ancient and I thought they aren’t that old.

Then I realized it’s us that’s old. Ooof.
LOL well.. relatively speaking, these are probably still considered modern.. I just dont have anything truly ancient left.

I do have a Core 2 Quad Q.6600 (G0 Stepping), Core 2 Duo E.6400, and P.entium 4, which are all LGA 7.75, along with a compatible LGA 7.75 board and RAM in a bin. I'm getting close to tossing them, or turning them into keychains. I hate to waste good hardware, so I've added them to the OP. Also have compatible boards, so LMK if y'all are interested.

Price dropped on SLI HBM bridge.
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TTT. Added a D.DR4-3.600 kit and Phanteks Evolv Enthoo ITX case.
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TTT. RAM sold. Will have another Phanteks Evolv Enthoo ITX w/ Tempered Glass side panel available soon after I dust and sanitize it.
Added another Phanteks ITX case, and Sam.sung 8.50 P.ro
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I have to ask, would you be willing to sell your modded front panel? I have this case here at home and have always wanted to mod the front (and top panel), but my hands are inept at these kinds of things.
I hate to waste good hardware, so I've added them to the OP.
Me too. Worse case let them go for the cost of shipping (post them in the freebies thread). I don't know if any of my amd systems can take those as upgrades, but I know that my intels can use the 775 even though I probably have all those cpus, except for maybe the p4 521 which might be the highest upgrade for my Dell gx520. Just PM if you get to the point of tossing the stuff as I could give it a new home even though I already have a lot of the same stuff. (y)
TTT added a reference model RX 57.00 XT.

Edit. Moved my 3070 Ti FT to this thread as well.
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Found a RTX 30-Sixty, so the RTX 3070 Ti Ventus is up for sale now at my cost.
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