1. LGabrielPhoto

    FT: Complete Rotolight lighting kit for Nvidia RTX series video card or 5950x AMD..may consider other stuff listed

    Hello, I abandoned my plans to do video production so I am trading my Rotolight kit for an AMD 5950x or an RTX 3000 series card of similar value. PM me with what you have, please. Prior to shipping, I will be happy to do a video showing both lights working. Also will consider trades for: Sony...
  2. A

    How do I control the be quiet! Dark Base 700 RGB LEDs..?

    For those that know the case, you may know that the front LEDs are controllable via the motherboard 4 pin RGB header if you hold the "change light" button on the front panel with the (C) cable plugged into the 4 pin RGB header on your mobo. However, I (currently) only have an MSI Z270-A Pro mobo...
  3. B

    4 Pin RGB to 5 Pin 12VGRBW or LED_CPU

    Hello, My front case's 3 fans are RGB and have 4 Pin RGB cord that is supposed to connect to included RGB controller in case my motherboard does not support RGB. However my motherboard does support RGB, I have Gigabyte Aorus B450. This means I can connect 4 Pin RGB cord to my motherboard...
  4. cageymaru

    Alphacool Announces Eisblock GPX-A Plexi Light Cooler for AMD Radeon VII

    Alphacool has announced the release of its Eisblock GPX Plexi Light cooler for the AMD Radeon VII. The cooling block is made of solid copper and is completely nickel-plated. The clear Plexiglas allows owners to view the mesmerizing water flow. The water flow actively cools not only the GPU, but...
  5. AlphaAtlas

    Mini LED is the Next Step in LCD Backlight Tech

    While monitors an TVs with local backlight dimming already exist, and microLED emissive displays are somewhere on the horizon, display manufacturers seem to be chasing "mini LED" as the next big jump in LCD backlight tech. A report by Digitimes claims that LCDs with mini LED backlight already...
  6. VanGoghComplex

    RGB LED only shines red?

    Hello! I'm using the RGBW header on a Gigabyte GA-Z270X Ultra Gaming motherboard. From there, I have plugged in an XSPC 4-pin RGB Y-splitter. On one leg on the splitter, I have a Phanteks RGB adapter (to change the plug to their proprietary format) and three Phanteks Halos. Those all work...
  7. DooKey

    LED Lights Causing Traffic Problems in Winnipeg

    The City of Winnipeg is like a lot of us that want to use the latest technology and save some energy while we're at it. However, this time it was a really bad decision to go with LED traffic lights because they don't produce enough heat to melt the snow that piles up sometimes. So what was a...
  8. G


  9. S

    2x White LEDs connected to power header?

    I'm trying to make my own lit power indicator for my case, ideally connected to the LED headers on the mobo. The whole assembly is going to be like a long recessed slot, so I wanted to put one white LED at each end facing down the slot. The problem I'm having is that I can't find any in white...
  10. poisonborz

    Lighting solution that fits in/replaces fans in case fan slots?

    As I rebuild my PC I realised I no longer need any case fans - apart from the (really silent) GPU and CPU fans I no longer need the 4+1 (small+top large) fans in my case - I only use SSDs and don't overclock so there is not much heat to push, I hate to always have to clean dust filters, they...
  11. N

    FS: Dell UltraSharp U3014 30in 2560x1600 2K PremierColor Widescreen LED

    Upgraded to 4K monitors and selling my old gear. Dell U3014t w/ Soundbar Asking $500 OBO - Local Pickup Preferred (Dallas, TX) Willing to Ship, send offer with Zipcode for Shipping quote.
  12. M

    Where to buy front panel LEDs?

    Okay, here's a weird question for you: does anyone know where to buy front panel LEDs? The ones with the twisted wire pair soldered on and the little motherboard connector on the end? My case came with only one front panel LED, so I have to choose between a HD light or a power light. If...
  13. D

    LED Lighting Question

    Hello all! I just got a new Cooler Master Cosmos II case and it has a bunch of LED connectors with it (specifically, I guess, for fans that use the separate 2 pin connector for LEDs, like the one that comes with it). As none of my fans currently have that separate connector, I'd like to use...
  14. 8

    SMD Leds, how many lumens are each? (for car bulbs)

    Hello, I have ordered a few cheap multiled pieces from ebay to try on my car, position lights, inside light, plate lights, it is just a test, they were less than a euro each anyway, but i wonder if i can calculate how many lumens each bulb emits, looking for how many each led produces. I only...
  15. H

    [Help] Rampage IV Extreme - Weird Behaviour.

    I usually find a solution online, but I've searched for 3 days now and did not find similar case. Clicked shut down, went out for 2 hours, came back and pc freezed on shut down screen. Switched it off and can't get it back to life now. Debug 00, cpu qled red. Resetted cmos Flushed through usb...
  16. A

    Please recommend best 27inch LED Monitor

    Friends, I am pretty much confused of what monitor to select, been looking tons of websites, youtube and different reviews of other respective users. Every-other person seems to be impressing a selected model, and another one bashing with negative points, with backlight / screen bleeding...
  17. N

    Which of these two monitors have better picture quality?

    I can not decide between these two monitors and since both have the same connections and are at similar prices would like to know which of the two has better image quality. ViewSonic VX2252MH VX2252mh 22 ASUS VS228H-P VS228H-P - Specifications Thanks