How do I control the be quiet! Dark Base 700 RGB LEDs..?


Apr 7, 2021
For those that know the case, you may know that the front LEDs are controllable via the motherboard 4 pin RGB header if you hold the "change light" button on the front panel with the (C) cable plugged into the 4 pin RGB header on your mobo. However, I (currently) only have an MSI Z270-A Pro mobo though, which doesn't have any RGB headers, so instead I decided to purchase a 12V 4 pin LED WiFi Controller from Amazon in the hopes that I could just control it via my phone instead. I ended up trying it out to no avail... unless I turned the cable upside down, in which case, only the Red and Green channels of the RGB would work, and sometimes only Green or Red. I assumed that it was because of the controller, so I ordered another one, only to have the exact same issue. I took a closer inspection of the cable, only to find out that the cable be quiet! gives you is a 12V RGB cable... with only 3 wires. I'm not experienced with cases or power supplies etc. so I may be in the wrong here, but based on my (limited) knowledge, every 12V RGB cable has 4 wires, whereas only the 5V RGB cables have 3 wires. I checked, and the rear PCB says "12V RGB", the cable has "12V" etched into it, and be quiet! themselves state it is 12V. be quiet! Even sent a replacement cable, and it also had 3 wires, so it can't be a faulty wire nor a faulty controller. So what's the problem here? Should I just upgrade my motherboard to save the hassle? All I want is to controller these LED strips but be quiet! support has been dreadful and since it's such a rare case to see builds with, I can't find any information about it online.
I can supply pictures or more information if needed - any help would be appreciated, many thanks!