4 Pin RGB to 5 Pin 12VGRBW or LED_CPU


Limp Gawd
Oct 22, 2011

My front case's 3 fans are RGB and have 4 Pin RGB cord that
is supposed to connect to included RGB controller in case my
motherboard does not support RGB.

2019-12-20 10.21.40-4pin.jpg

However my motherboard does support RGB, I have Gigabyte
Aorus B450. This means I can connect 4 Pin RGB cord to my
motherboard but don't know where.

My motherboard has 4 Pin LED_CPU connector that is described
as 12V G R B and it also has 5 Pin 12V G R B W connector.

Where should I plug 4 Pin RGB cord to power 3 front fans?

My case model is MasterBox MB511 RGB

The 5 pin connector typically controls LEDs that have a separate diode that is for the White color, hence the 5th pin and the W on the description. If those fans are just RGB and not digital/addressable RGB, then you should be using the 12v GRB header. Item 7 on page 15 of the manual.

One thing to check would be on the controller, when you plug the fans into it, do you use all 4 pins, if so then it's probably the 12v version and that's the header you should use on the motherboard. I tried looking at Cooler Master's manual for that case and it wasn't that specific.

If you are still worried about hurting your fans or motherboard, you could plug the controller into SATA power and then use a volt meter to see if the power pin(the one with the arrow) is 12v or 5v.

Obviously this is all at your own risk, I do not own any over the hardware you do, but basing it off the manuals and my own experience with RGB.
Fritzz Thanks. I connected 4 pin cord to 12V GRBW connector with arrow towards 12V an dignoring W pin and all worked! My build is ready!