1. S

    FS: 6TB Western Digital 5400 RPM Blue HDD

    Like-new, never used 6TB WD Blue (re-branded green) HDD. Asking $115 shipped from 30506. heatware under streiw.
  2. I

    ARECA - Forced to Rebuild Array or another Option?

    I have an Areca 1880 with 12 drives. I believe I'm having power issues as occasionally I'll have drives "fail" randomly. There appears to be nothing wrong with the drive based on the SMART data. My guess is a faulty power connector. My question is, every time a drive "fails", it comes back...
  3. 2

    Cloning Windows System drive from HDD to SSD?

    Ideally I would like to clone my existing HDD system drive to an SSD and slide the newly cloned SSD into my laptop and have everything working . Is this possible? What software (hopefully free) should I look at? The HDD is 380G so if I were to get a 400G SSD could I clone them in this manner?
  4. N

    5x Seagate 4TB SATA 64MB Cache 6Gb/s Desktop 3.5" Hard Drive ST4000DM000

    Selling 5x Seagate 5TB HDDs that i pulled from my Synology and replaced with 8TB drives. Seagate 4TB SATA 64MB Cache 6Gb/s Desktop 3.5" Hard Drive ST4000DM000
  5. DaedalusHelios

    FS: Three 1TB 2.5" HDs from new laptops and Fast DDR3 Desktop RAM

    I have a few extra items that I will no longer be needing after a few brand new laptop upgrades. I have three Western Digital 1TB Blue 2.5" Laptop Hard Drives. I also have a nice set of Team Vulcan 2x8GB 16GB Kit of DDR3 2133 CAS11. Awesome Desktop RAM but all of my desktop platforms have moved...
  6. T

    Gigabyte Brix Pro issue.

    So just got my Brix Pro i7 yesterday. I installed the following: -Kingston HyperX 2x8gb DDR3L -Samsung SSD 850 EVO mSATA 250gb SATA 3 -Hitachi 1TB 7200 rpm SATA 3 HDD. -USB keyboard and mouse -connected via HDMI to a 32" HDTV I have a Windows 7 Pro bootable USB ready to installed, but when...
  7. M

    MTBF and AFR - how long will drive last?

    Seagate say that HDD have MTBF of 2M hours. By math, 2M h = cca. 228 years. Does this mean that drive will last 228 years working 0-24h? Seagate also say that HDD have AFR of 0.44%. So, if I get this right, for first year is 0.44%, for second 0.88% and so on. By this "half-life" of HDD when...