Recommend me new Harddisk for Media Server


Mar 3, 2013
Im in the process of buying a new HDD 3/4 TB for my HTPC/ media server, not for OS. WD 3 TB either in Blue or Red seems to fit bill, but im unsure which of them is best in this scenario. My understanding is that blue is for home use and faster while the Red is meant for NAS and Raid. However the Red is always awake could it fit my storage better should get the faster blue? How would Red perform as a secondry HDD in non-raid pc opposed to Blue ? Access time in both ?

Im not running Raid no advantage there , i just want to access to my rather large files as quickly as possible d
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The Red has a 3 year warranty, Blue has a 2 year. Reds are designed to run 24/7. I used a 6TB Red in my WMC machine to keep all of my media on until that filled up. Then I switched to a Nas for media serving functions. Worked fine for Windows Media Center. Or you could go with a Black or a Red Pro. They have a 5 year warranty & are faster. Not sure if the Blue's have the head parking issue or not. I would get an 8TB drive. Won't fill up as fast & they seem to run cooler with the helium.
Can't go wrong with either WD red or HGST deskstar nas drives. The hgst drives are a bit cheaper.
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I would go with either an HGST Deskstar NAS 4TB or Toshiba X300 5TB. They cost about the same which is currently about $150 on Newegg or B&H. Both are quality drives. HGST drives are the most reliable drives you can buy. The Toshiba drives are second in reliability and are quite fast and do spin down when not in use, they are excellent in RAID if you need it.
I would go WD, Toshiba internal HDDs have died on me in the past, Deskstar is a nice option too.
HGST has been making a statement with those reliability stats.

At my job, all of our old HP 8460p laptops have used HGST drives. Very few of them have failed over the last 2-3 years. I didn't think very highly about HGST in the beginning, but they have proven me wrong!

I can't remember ever seeing a user with a bad HGST hard drive in their 8460 laptop in the last 2-3 years at my job.

We're now replacing all HP 8460 laptops with HP 840 G2 laptops and they all come with Intel SSD's now. And the 8460p laptops hardly had any reliability problems. They only had problems from physical abuse from the users, such as drops, liquid spills, etc. Otherwise, those 3 year old HGST drives in HP 8460 laptops were still working at the time of hardware retirement.
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