1. K

    quick format or Full format of new 16 TB HDD ?

    Is it woth it doing a full format of brand new WDC Gold 16 TB HDD. ? just to be sure that there is no bad sectors or errors on the drive. i now this will take around 22 - 25 hours to complete.
  2. P

    How do I install a laptop HDD without the metal bracket/caddy?

    I've got an old laptop off of Ebay that didn't include a HDD or it's bracket. Is there a method of securing a HDD to its laptop port without the HDD bracket/caddy? Would you recommend using tape or some sort of adhesive tack? I've done some research but there doesn't seem to be any conventional...
  3. B

    Hard drive makes noise and is not recognized

    Hello, I haven't used my hard drive for over a year. It was in my cabinet all that time. It's a 2.5 inch hard drive from laptop that I put into external closure and connected with 2 split USB cables (one is data and another is power) It makes some weird noise and is not recognized in Windows...
  4. jds8282

    help : new mobo seems to be corrupting drives or ports dropping like flies

    just got a Asus ROG (X570) Crosshair VIII Impact, AMD - and every SATA connection i have eventually corrupts the drive or the drive never really is able to be setup. now the BIOS does not even see the drives? first is was one of my small 2.5" SSD, then a week later the second and now it will not...
  5. P

    Help please! HDD dead on day 1?

    I recently ordered several components to build a PC. Stuck everything in an ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero. Booted and everything worked perfectly. BIOS detected my 1TB gen4 Sabrent SSD and my TOSHIBA 8TB HDD. I tweaked a few options around the BIOS menu and then installed Windows. After installing...
  6. E

    8TB HGST Ultrastar He10 4Kn ISE in a desktop PC?

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my two 11 year old (yes, they still work fine) SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 HD753LJ 750GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s HDDs in my desktop. As you may have guessed, it's been a while since I looked into HDDs. I did update many components of my desktop a while back...
  7. L

    HGST Ultrastar 8TB 7200 RPM 128MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" HDD

    Newegg promotions (sale ends Wednesday) Folks lately here have been bemoaning that NewEgg didn't seem to sell these anymore... The BEST/MOST RELIABLE HDD's available... but almost sold out now :/ I have probably bought eight of these over the years for work/home - and ought to buy 1-2 more just...
  8. FrankOnTheFlank

    EFI Network 0 for IPv4/6 boot failed

    Laptop (Medion Akoya) got dropped, after that I started it and i see Checking Media_ at the top left and it goes to efi network 0 for ipv4 (7C-D3-0A-00-60-39 boot failed and efi network 0 for ipv6 (7C-D3-0A-00-60-39) boot failed. In the bios there is also no hard disk indicated. I already...
  9. AlphaAtlas

    Seagate Debuts First 16TB Hard Drive

    Seagate claims its has produced and tested "the world"s first formatted and fully functioning 16TB enterprise hard drive platform in a standard 3.5-inch form factor" The new drive uses Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording technology to achieve that density, but the company says it operates just like...
  10. Pieter3dnow

    Seems that StoreMI is not that bad nice X470 perk

    Very interesting conclusion.
  11. X

    [HDD] Toshiba 5TB 7200 3.5" HDD - $109 (Free Shipping)

    https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAETG6BN8130 Performance Interface SATA Capacity 5TB RPM 7200 RPM Cache 128MB Average Latency 4.17 ms
  12. pencea

    Hard Drive Keeps Disppearing

    One of my internal SATA hard drives ( 1TB Samsung 7200rpm ) keeps disappearing every time when I copy/transfer files to it. It also sometimes randomly disppears by itself too. In fact it actually just happened again as I was typing this.... Opening up disk management doesn't show the drive...
  13. T

    Need to replace HDD - Advise on what to buy needed

    I have a 2 TB mechanical HDD in a 4 disk software RAID array which keeps showing "Disk is OK, one attribute failed in the past (41° C / 106° F)" and then getting ejected from the array. This has been going on a while now and everytime I add it back in to the array only to check a few weeks later...
  14. S

    PlayStation 3 + SSD = ???

    I currently own a PS3 SuperSlim and a PS4 Fat. Both have the stock 500 GB 5400 RPM (?) HDDs. As I play only a handful of games on both (I play a total of 6 games between both consoles, 3 games on each) I do not need such humongous storage, but I'd like to decrease my load times on both consoles...
  15. D

    Corsair GS700 buzzing and causing HDDs to emit annoying noises

    I've put a new system together and used my old Corsair GS700 and the HDDs. In the new system the power supply makes a buzzing noise and causes the drives to make an annoying sire-like noise that's barely hearable. No noise was present in my old rig. I think I have no choice but to buy a new...
  16. 3WAYsplit

    Is 500GB SSD too much for Win10, Drivers, Antivirus, etc..

    Would a system with either of these storage setups be overkill? SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" 500GB SSD (Win10, Drivers, Antivirus..) Seagate Desktop HDD ST4000DM000 4TB (Media, Games, etc..) or SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" 500GB SSD (Win10, Drivers, Antivirus..) SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" 500GB SSD...
  17. J

    Recommend me new Harddisk for Media Server

    Im in the process of buying a new HDD 3/4 TB for my HTPC/ media server, not for OS. WD 3 TB either in Blue or Red seems to fit bill, but im unsure which of them is best in this scenario. My understanding is that blue is for home use and faster while the Red is meant for NAS and Raid. However...
  18. I

    ARECA - Forced to Rebuild Array or another Option?

    I have an Areca 1880 with 12 drives. I believe I'm having power issues as occasionally I'll have drives "fail" randomly. There appears to be nothing wrong with the drive based on the SMART data. My guess is a faulty power connector. My question is, every time a drive "fails", it comes back...
  19. 2

    Cloning Windows System drive from HDD to SSD?

    Ideally I would like to clone my existing HDD system drive to an SSD and slide the newly cloned SSD into my laptop and have everything working . Is this possible? What software (hopefully free) should I look at? The HDD is 380G so if I were to get a 400G SSD could I clone them in this manner?
  20. N

    5x Seagate 4TB SATA 64MB Cache 6Gb/s Desktop 3.5" Hard Drive ST4000DM000

    Selling 5x Seagate 5TB HDDs that i pulled from my Synology and replaced with 8TB drives. Seagate 4TB SATA 64MB Cache 6Gb/s Desktop 3.5" Hard Drive ST4000DM000
  21. T

    Gigabyte Brix Pro issue.

    So just got my Brix Pro i7 yesterday. I installed the following: -Kingston HyperX 2x8gb DDR3L -Samsung SSD 850 EVO mSATA 250gb SATA 3 -Hitachi 1TB 7200 rpm SATA 3 HDD. -USB keyboard and mouse -connected via HDMI to a 32" HDTV I have a Windows 7 Pro bootable USB ready to installed, but when...
  22. M

    MTBF and AFR - how long will drive last?

    Seagate say that HDD have MTBF of 2M hours. By math, 2M h = cca. 228 years. Does this mean that drive will last 228 years working 0-24h? Seagate also say that HDD have AFR of 0.44%. So, if I get this right, for first year is 0.44%, for second 0.88% and so on. By this "half-life" of HDD when...