1. cageymaru

    Tesla Announces Steam OS Integration

    Tesla has announced that new Model S and X vehicles officially have Steam OS integration. This means that Tesla owners can play thousands of games like Cyberpunk 2077 with fully wireless controller capabilities.
  2. cageymaru

    Valve Releases Steam Statistics for 2018

    Today, Valve released a Steam statistics overview for 2018. The most interesting stat is the 47 million active daily visitors that Steam averages per day. On a monthly basis, Steam averages 90 million active users with 1.6 million new purchasers per month. The peak concurrent users at one time...
  3. K

    Xbox One Controller Sale $32.50

    Xbox One Controllers with 3.5mm jack come in some ugly green or pink. I wanted a newer controller for when friends come over. Came out to under $36 shipped.
  4. cageymaru

    The SteamVR Knuckles EV3 Model Is Now Available to Developers

    The third revision of the SteamVR Knuckles has been refined in multiple ways to improve energy efficiency, input feel, strap design and more. The SteamVR Knuckles EV3 ship with access to tech demos complete with source code for developers to test out the functionality of the devices. Unity...
  5. C

    Oculus; Xbox Controller or OR Controllers?

    Thinking of picking up a OR secondhand to tinker with but the ones I see for under $300 on sale near me include the xbox controller. I was wondering how well the experience is using the controller vs the two motion controllers or whatever?
  6. DooKey

    Microsoft Releasing New Xbox Game Controller for Disabled Later This Year

    Microsoft is coming out with a new Xbox controller that will help many disabled people with gaming on their console. The new Xbox Adaptive Controller will allow custom setups for switches, joysticks and other control devices so that a wide range of disabled people can enjoy gaming again. Also...
  7. I

    Crowdfunded controller grips, carbon fiber rifle stock, and magnetic mounts

    I caved and backed a crowdfunded VR accessory, Mamut Touch Grips, after watching a review of the prototypes. Attaching them elongates the Oculus Touch controllers, which will hopefully make them fit my hands a even better. But I'm more excited about their rifle stock. The rifle stock parts are...
  8. DooKey

    New VR Controller Brings KB+Mouse Accuracy to VR Gaming

    TechTree has come up with a controller for VR they claim will give you keyboard+mouse accuracy in your VR games. The controller is called the Po!nt and it has the W-A-S-D setup we're all familiar with and a few other keys used frequently by KB players. It can be customized for all of your games...
  9. R

    New Xbox Elite Controller Leaks

    A series of images posted on Chinese site Baidu reveal what is said to be a new version of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. According to the leaker, is said to have a 3-profile switch, as well as Bluetooth with support for Windows 10, USB-C, and three-level Hair-Trigger locks. The images also...
  10. martinmsj

    WTS/WTT:HORI Fighting Commander for PS4 / PS3 / PC

    Hit or Miss on Mac. Don't have my PS4 with me. I just have an Xbox One X now. HORI Fighting Commander for PlayStation 4 & 3 Officially Licensed by Sony - PlayStation 4 Great condition. Barely used in the month I've had it. In San Jose if you want to pick up locally for 20 BUX Will trade for...
  11. bluesynk

    Locomotion control idea?

    So I've been waiting on the tax man to get my Vive. Spent lots of time thinking about it, even made myself an overhead cable trolley system. Been watching demos and gameplay and such. Locomotion seems to be one of those areas that could use some help. I thought about what was required and...
  12. C

    FS: PS4 Games For Sale - Brand New.