New VR Controller Brings KB+Mouse Accuracy to VR Gaming


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Apr 25, 2001
TechTree has come up with a controller for VR they claim will give you keyboard+mouse accuracy in your VR games. The controller is called the Po!nt and it has the W-A-S-D setup we're all familiar with and a few other keys used frequently by KB players. It can be customized for all of your games and the company claims almost all of the initial feedback on the product is positive. However, I'm not a VR player yet so I can't really opine on whether I think it's going to work so I'd like some of our resident VR players to chime in on this one. Check out the video interview with TechTree below. Thanks cageymaru.

Watch the video here.

“We are looking for gap between handheld and normal game controllers,” de Vries explains. “We noticed that PC gamers moving from the PC to the couch, with VR, with Steambox streaming it to the TV want their mouse and keyboard there as well. Well, you don’t want to sit with the mouse and keyboard on your lap, so we decided to integrate the mouse and keyboard first.”
um... the wasd keys are on the wrong side. but interesting though

from what it looked like to me your suppose to play with them facing downward, so they'd be on your left hand with your fingers pressing them from the underside, with your thumbs on the topside with the regular controller sticks / buttons. That puts the keyboard buttons right under your left hand fingers.


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