Mar 18, 2016
Good morning,

I am trying to build custom Simulation Gaming Consoles and Workstations.

I'll just give a light overview of that. You may find it interesting. If not, just skip down to the question.

The idea is to slim them down as much as possible, mod and craft unique chassis. Artwork for it, mouse/pads, and everything. Then, I'm programming custom software to go on them. People in my town may get a real kick out of that kind of a niche thing, as this is for a start-up arcade & co-work. I want to expose more people to technology and all its potential. I may make a practice out of salvaging and repurposing, but for now it makes for a good exercise since I'm just exploring any and all possibilities.

Several goals so far. I am definitely opting for the transparent style, exposing the PCBs and all. Since they'll all be custom anyway, this will work perfectly. Kind of a signature I guess. But it will require creativity to make sure parts are always aligned fun side out. Laptop is another one. Got big plans for that actually - get to do transparent keys! Have to do one where the GPU is interchangeable, like some cases do with pop-out SSDs. Short of having custom manufacturing done, my best option is to void warranties and mod parts to enable freedom. That includes stuff like OC, FW, GPU coolers, removing/rerouting ports, wiring, custom parts, etc. One of the biggest tasks for any slim will obviously be thermals. That's why I'm wanting to look into custom heat sinks and rads. I had an idea where the frame of the case itself was all a narrow rad, with corners brought into the typical square shape, but miniature.

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Alternative form factor rigs like the Sager Laptop and Gigabyte BRIX have desktop-grade CPUs/GPUs. I have seen close-ups of the Sager internals, and for heat they seem to just use some copper pipe and laptop fans. It has an i7 6700K and GTX 980! I believe the main board and graphics card are both custom manufacturing.

How does the Sager Laptop handle its power? How close could I get to that? I read somebody speculate a DC/DC converter?

- Sager NP987OU2 G
- Gigabyte BXi5G-760

Thanks, guys.