1. B

    Artifacts After Connecting HDMI to Laptop

    Hi, I have to play with HDMI cable's connector by wiggling it inside laptop's HDMI output for monitor to detect the signal. When signal is detected I get red lines on monitor. Tried a couple of cables by now. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. O

    2 Laptops and a Headset/mic

    I have a sales agents making calls via a SIP phone through Salesforce. I need the ability to split the audio to a second laptop that will be running an AI program that is responsive based on audio keywords so laptop 2 needs to hear/listen to the conversation. We cannot combine the AI software...
  3. B

    Laptop Battery Depletes in Several Days

    Hi, I have an almost 10-years old lenovo G560 laptop that I didn't use often. I always used it on AC with battery inside with lenovo software setting that keeps it under 80% to prolong it's life. Strangely it depletes in several days while laptop is being shut down. I thought only NiMH...
  4. CaffeineMan

    How to turn on a laptop without a power button?

    **MY MISTAKE** I misidentified the LED connection as the power button connection. Original question: I received some laptop mobos without shells (Lenovo 13 2nd gens) that I would like to upcycle to use as my HTPCs. I currently use slower laptops (actually parts of laptops) but would like to...
  5. I

    Oculus 2 Ready Laptop

    Hi Folks, Just joined this amazing community, this is my first post! I'm willing to buy a "VR ready" laptop, I would like to keep the budget under 2500 euro. I own an Oculus 2, my first VR, I love it! My expectations are that I want obviously to be able to play most of the "HEAVY" and...
  6. P

    How do I install a laptop HDD without the metal bracket/caddy?

    I've got an old laptop off of Ebay that didn't include a HDD or it's bracket. Is there a method of securing a HDD to its laptop port without the HDD bracket/caddy? Would you recommend using tape or some sort of adhesive tack? I've done some research but there doesn't seem to be any conventional...
  7. spacedrone808

    Fastest possible laptop for Windows 7 x64?

    Max cores, max ram,neat gpu, 100% srgb display coverage required, non glossy, FHD, no 4K. Looking forward for your suggestions, even undocumented ones.
  8. Bitbat

    Laptop fans being really loud

    Me and my sister share a Dell G5 laptop and the temps have been getting super high lately, plus the fans are going super loud. Our model is a Dell G5 with a GTX 1060, Intel Core I7 8750 H and has a 100 gb c drive, and a 1 tb solid state hard drive. I have checked the temps using RTTemp and...
  9. F

    Asus FX533VD is running very slow!

    Hi there, as mentioned in the title, my laptop is very slow especially while gaming, idk what's wrong with it? i ran BF V and it even didn't let me to join the game because of lagging, sometimes when i run the task manager, the disk appears 100% and the memory about 85 - 95 %. I'm gonna buy a...
  10. luisxd

    SSD Clone

    Is it recommended to clone an SSD?, I just got a new laptop and a bigger SSD with it and was wondering if it's safe to just clone my old SSD (240gb) into the new SSD (500gb)?
  11. euskalzabe

    Can setting a lower resolution actually HURT performance???

    Here's the situation: - I have a Ryzen 3 3200U laptop with Vega 3 graphics (I know, bottom barrell, but I couldn't find any laptop that checked all my boxes and I'm making do with this until the next round of products). - The phenomenon in question happens exclusively with Destiny 2. - If I set...
  12. T

    Today Only! Acer Nitro 5 - 15.6" - Ryzen 5 - 8GB RAM - Radeon RX 560 - 1Tb HD - $499.99

    Best Buy Deal of the Day:
  13. B

    ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo : Dual screen laptop

    Have you guys seen this? It costs way too much and I don't know what to think of the small 2nd screen.... kinda like a super sized smart bar like on the macs. But how useful would that really be? I would never spend $3k on a laptop, but I know some people do. Apologies if this is a...
  14. T

    How to sell my laptop?

    I have a gaming laptop that I hadn't used in over a year because I mostly game on my PC and don't travel anymore so I'm looking at selling it now while it still has value. My concern is the data on it and the best way to delete data off it while keeping the OS or should I just format the HDD...
  15. L

    does any1 knows where i can find stats related to IT e-commerce

    Does any1 know where can I find stats related to PC, laptops tablets and components e-commerce? Is there any organization dedicated to e-commerce?
  16. cageymaru

    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 418.81 WHQL Has Been Released

    The latest NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 418.81 WHQL has been released and it provides support for the new GeForce RTX laptops and Futuremark's 3DMark Port Royal benchmark, which has just added a new feature test for NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). SLI profiles have been added for...
  17. cageymaru

    Samsung Announces World's First 15.6-Inch UHD OLED Displays for Notebooks

    Samsung Display has announced that it has created the world's first 15.6-inch ultra-high definition (UHD) OLED display for the premium notebook/laptop market. Mass production of the panels begins mid-February. The displays will feature a 3840 x 2160 resolution, HDR and will be optimized for...
  18. S

    Wifi Card Compatibility

    Hi, I have a question about the compatibility of the Acer Aspire R3-131T with the Intel Wireless AC 9560 wifi card mini pcie chipset. I am wondering if the wifi card can work with this laptop. The old wifi card is the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165. Thanks for helping me with this issue!
  19. F

    $50 Gaming Laptop Recommendations

    Hi! I would like to play some old games such as Team Fortress Classic, Far Cry 1, and Counter Strike. Back in 2004-ish, I played these games on a Dell D800 and was thinking of buying one from Ebay for ~$50. I would prefer not to spend more than that. Should I consider any other models besides...
  20. McCHillin

    Barebones 1070 laptop $882

    MSI GE63VR-7RF for $890.99 edit:882.08 I5-7300q/GTX1070/no RAM/no drives/supposedly mint condition. I found it while I was looking for parts for a laptop I bought yesterday. Double check with seller that it has GTX 1070 before you buy! Not my post, but thought I'd leave it here EDIT: as per...
  21. cageymaru

    Apple Ships Laptops with Intel Management Engine Enabled

    Apple has shipped laptops with the Intel ME or "manufacturing mode" enabled. Intel practices "security through obscurity" where corporations such as Apple have to sign a NDA before using certain software packages in an attempt to protect intellectual property. Normal users would never know...
  22. DooKey

    Arm Wants to Power Your Next Laptop

    According to Ian Smythe, Senior Director of Marketing, Intel better watch out because Arm processors are on a steady curve to out-compute their competitor at the i5 level. He claims next gen Arm processors based on 7nm and 5nm processes will exceed the performance of Intel chips. Of course this...
  23. dvsman

    What bag are you carrying around your gear in?

    Hey guys, So I'm in the market for a new bag to carry my laptop / papers around in and wanted to see what the [H] is using. The two laptops I normally use would be either an XPS 13 or occassionally my older Macbook Air, so both are pretty small form-factors. Right now if I'm carrying a camera...
  24. spacedrone808

    Fastest laptop possible with quality Windows 7 support

    Your suggestions and thoughts....
  25. R

    Laptops With 128GB of RAM Are Here

    Found the memory shortage! Today Lenovo has announced its new ThinkPad P52, an absolute behemoth of a workstation laptop. Under the hood is just staggering, the ThinkPad P52 comes packing an Nvidia Quadro P3200 GPU powering it's 15" 4k screen that covers 100 percent of the Adobe RGB color gamut...
  26. S

    final fantasy 11 server

    So a buddy of mine asked me to build him a pc strictly to "run final fantasy XI well" on the cheap. I said no prob. Now he wants a laptop and wants to run a ff xi server, with bots, hopefully dual boxing. Totally insistent on the laptop... which will stay on his coffee table, go figure. I've...
  27. DooKey

    Dell Computers Better at Cheating in PUBG Says Dell Spokesperson

    Ben Mansill from PCPowerPlay went to China last week for the Intel 8th Gen Processor reveal and many other PC and laptop vendors attended as well. While he was there he listened in on the Dell presentation and was surprised to hear the Dell spokesperson rave about how good their products were...
  28. D

    1060 6GB Lap recomendations

    Must have TB3, like to be a 15’’ Form factor. I have around 1000 to spend, but I could get my way to 12-13 Hundy. Work laptop, main use is solid works and autocad. 16 gigs is preferred, I can upgrade on my own if needed. Been a long time member, any help is appreciated. Thanks, Dom
  29. R

    Microsoft Releases $189 Laptops For Schools

    Microsoft is unveiling 10 new Windows 10 devices for schools starting at $189, challenging the Chromebook to keep teachers and students using Windows. The least expensive if the group is the Lenovo 100e, which is an 11.6" rugged laptop, with an unspecified Intel Celeron Apollo Lake processor, 2...
  30. DooKey

    HP Recalling Laptop Batteries Worldwide Due to Overheating and Fire Risk

    HP has issued a recall for laptop batteries because they may overheat or cause a fire. These batteries are within 15 different model laptops. Some of these laptops have internal batteries that aren't user removable and they will provide a free service to have this replaced by a service tech at...
  31. R

    Which Laptops have HDMI 2.0 Ports?

    So after buying a 4K OLED TV, and wanting to test out HDR, I am in the market for a laptop to serve as a HTPC to connect to my NAS. (I also need a new laptop). The TV is LG OLED65B7A Series B7. I had decided on the Acer Aspire E 15 E5-576G-5762 for its Kabylake CPU and MX150 GPU. Then it...
  32. K

    Recent(terrible) customer support experience with ASUS

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I just thought I'd share my recent experience with Asus, that led me to creating an account for this forum to share my experience. I recently sent in my laptop to get the screen repaired in mid-July, since it had developed blotches over time, and was still under...
  33. R

    Acer Releases Rugged Chromebook C771

    Acer has released the new Chromebook 11 C771, an 11.6" laptop rated to resist drops up to 4 feet and 132 pounds of downward force ,and a spill-resistant keyboard that reroutes any liquids away from the laptop's internal components. Only the entry-level models are available for now, with a...
  34. Y

    Fast Laptop for Internet work

    I am looking for a laptop that is going to be fast online working in many windows and tabs at a time (up to 4 browsers, with 5 or more tabs), loading pages, refreshing, working in google docs and sheets, so on, No serious video watching since its a work laptop. No dedicated graphics card...
  35. Z

    Bought the Rift from Bestbuy thinking about a vr laptop

    Really like the rift better Than PSVR Looking at this Only real concern is the Kabylake cpu. Its the hyperthreading problem associated with...
  36. Seankay

    Take Data out of an old SATA Hard Disk to my laptop!

    I have an old hard disk of 40 GBs and it has some data on it which is of a younger me. What is the easiest way to get it out? I don't currently have a PC. I use Laptop. Please help!
  37. P

    HP 15-r030wm Notebook won't power on. Need Help

    Originally, the notebook's hinge became loose and damaged the top cover. I disassembled the unit and replaced the top cover and bezel. (hinges are attached to the top cover). When I put it all together, the unit would not power on. I thought the issue could possibly be the power button because...
  38. A

    HDMI to VGA better then VGA

    Hi everyone. For some reason connecting my acer laptop with GTX 940m ( both HDMI and VGA out) with HDMI to VGA adapter looks better and crispier than using the VGA port. I have it connected to a crt sun GDM90W10 (Sony). I was using the VGA port of the laptop to connect the monitor , the image...
  39. FrgMstr

    ASUS ROG AMD Ryzen Laptops Coming

    ASUS makes the comment that "Something BIG is coming your way," at Computex this year. From what we hear through the grapevine we should see these being sold in Q3 of this year. Check out the video.
  40. ChrysalisHighwayman

    i3-2310m < i7-2620m; RV520 BIOS Update?

    Hi! I just wanted to post this quick question here about upgrading the CPU on my laptop. So, I have the Samsung NP-RV520*don't know the specific model since bought second hand and doesn't have any of the original stickers in place for me to check. Anyway, it came with an i3-2310m installed...