Blizzard, Why do you do this?


Jul 11, 2017
So after launching some cool merch at the SDCC, Blizzard store is shut for 10 days! Yes, really! I mean why do you do this?

giphy (2).gif

In the meantime I have been looking at my reddit feed for something cool that is Overwatch related so that I can give it to my friend - who also happens to be the best gal gamer I have ever came across! Nowadays, she is into Overwatch and I really want to get her something because she's constantly teasing me about it! Long story short, how does this look for a gift or suggest me something good.
And Razer has an overwatch themed mouse pad, it's one of the full length Golgotha pads so it's about three feet wide, keyboard and mouse both fit on them easy.