1. DooKey

    Microsoft Lets You Gift Digital PC Games Now

    Microsoft has finally caught up to the likes of Steam and Origin in the PC game gifting arena. You can now go to the Microsoft Store and gift any PC or Xbox One game. However, there are some limits on sale games and you can't gift a pre-order or free game. Also, games can only be redeemed in...
  2. Petelil

    Blizzard, Why do you do this?

    So after launching some cool merch at the SDCC, Blizzard store is shut for 10 days! Yes, really! I mean why do you do this? In the meantime I have been looking at my reddit feed for something cool that is Overwatch related so that I can give it to my friend - who also happens to be the...
  3. Suprfire

    $100 Steam Gift Card for $84.99

    $100 Steam Gift Card - BJs Wholesale Club No BJ's membership required, ships free.