1. R

    What's better? A newer SINGLE CPU or older DUAL CPU?

    My old client is getting rid of 2 servers... Dell R710 with DUAL Intel Xeon E5520 @ 2.27GHz and Dell R720 with SINGLE Intel Xeon E5-2620 @ 2.00GHz I don't know much about Xeons, so I did some research but still can't decide which one I should take off their hands ;)
  2. L

    HP Z440 - Questions - Need clarification

    Hello We recently acquired one of these from our office branch. It comes with 16gb DDR4 and a 6 core intel xeon We would like to know does this system support the 20 core Xeon cpu and 256GB DDR4 32 gb sticks? We can't find anything on this machine... lots of conflicting reports. (some say...
  3. stereomac

    Dell Dual Quad Core Precision Workstaion

    I wanted to take advantage of the 8 available slots of memory in this Dell Precision 690. First fo all, it supports a total of 64GB, but, from my understanding it'll require riser cards only operating in dual channel memory mode when system has quad-channel memory support. I don't see myself...
  4. H

    My first Xeon machine (unraid server) - Help picking a CPU/mobo combo?

    I'm relatively seasoned in shopping and building standard desktop-based machines (aka: i7) but I'm in the market to build my very first proper server and was hoping for a little help. I currently run a single machine that is both my daily workstation as well as my media+document storage/plex...

    Looking for Xeon E5-2687W v3 or v4 or equivalent, need two.

    I've got two Xeon ES chips that are 8 core currently, and they have a decent turbo, but I'm looking for a boos in single-threaded apps. So I need a matched pair of E5-2687W v3 or v4 or equivalent. I'll gladly throw in the 8-core chips for someone needing lower-end replacements for the chips...
  6. AlphaAtlas

    HP's Intel and Nvidia Powered ISS Supercomputer is Stuck in Space

    HP and SpaceX sent some servers with off-the-shelf Intel Xeon CPUs and Nvidia Tesla GPUs to the ISS in 2017, and as of 2018, those servers were fully operational. But, according to a recent BBC report, HP's "Spaceborne Computer" was schedules to come back down to Earth about 3 months ago, and...
  7. AlphaAtlas

    Intel Launches the 28 Core W-3175X

    Today, Intel launched the 28-core W-3175X workstation processor. As we previously reported, this monster CPU is based on the same die that Intel's $10k+ Xeon Platinum 8180 CPUs use, but trades multi-socket support and other enterprise-focused features for an unlocked multiplier, higher...
  8. cageymaru

    Here Is the AMD EPYC "Rome" C-Ray Demo

    AMD has released a new live demo of its prototype 2nd generation AMD EPYC "Rome" 64 core 7nm CPU vs 2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8180M CPUs where the workload is C-Ray. C-Ray is a floating point intensive benchmark that renders images. The systems in the demo rendered a total of 3 images; a 1080p...
  9. N

    Xeon® E-2176G

    When is the Xeon E-2176G going to be in the markets (Amazon) in a retail box with heatsink and fan? Want to pair it with asus.com/Motherboards/WS-C246-PRO/ and Samsung M391A2K43BB1-CPB 16GB
  10. AlphaAtlas

    28-Core Intel W-3175X Listed at Retailers

    Over the weekend, WCCF spotted Intel's upcoming 28-core, multiplier unlocked workstation processor out in the wild. European retailers Lance-Nakup, Ediscomp, Kikatek and PC21 listed to the Intel W-3175X for between 3500 and 4000 Euros, which translates to $3800-$4600 USD. While that may sound...
  11. P

    Gigabyte X79S-UP5-Wifi and Xeon E5-2697 v2

    Years ago I build a NAS at home around the X79S-UP5 platform due to its low cost and inclusion of eight SAS ports form the C602 chipset. I've recently come across a Xeon E5-2697 v2 CPU and well, the system won't post with it installed. I've moved the CPU over to another socket 2011...
  12. AlphaAtlas

    Intel Launches Coffee Lake Xeons and Details Cascade Lake

    Intel unveiled Cascade Lake, the successor to their current Skylake Xeons, on their roadmap some time ago, but actual specifications for the platform were unknown. Yesterday, they formally announced Cascade Lake, and went into a little more detail. Intel says the new processors "incorporates a...
  13. AlphaAtlas

    Intel Introduces Unlocked 28 Core Xeon and Refreshes Skylake X

    In addition to bumping up the core count of their consumer desktop lineup, Intel launched a new high end Xeon and refreshed their "prosumer" Skylake-X lineup today. The Core i9-9980XE features a 165W TDP, a $1979 MSRP, a 3.0ghz base clock and a 4.5Ghz Turbo Boost 3.0 speed, up from the 18 core...
  14. cageymaru

    Microsoft Announces New AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon H-Series VM Solutions for HPC

    Microsoft has added H-series Azure virtual machines for High-Performance Computing to the Azure CycleCloud. The HB-series VMs feature 60 AMD EPYC 7551 processor cores, 4 GB of RAM per CPU core and no hyperthreading. The AMD EPYC platform has more than 260 GB/sec of memory bandwidth which is...
  15. A

    Intel-Xeon-E5-2603-V4-1-7-GHz-LGA-2011-85W-6-Core $168

    Intel Xeon E5-2603 V4 1.7 GHz LGA 2011 85W 6 Core http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=263825961129&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111
  16. R

    Intel Announces New Processor

    Intel has announced a new processor today, the Xeon D-2100. The D-2100 is a low power SoC with a range of 4 to 18 cores, integrated PCH, up to 4 10Gb Ethernet ports, and a TDP of 60-110 watts. The new processor features a significant performance increase over the D-1500. There sure is a lot of...
  17. D

    Intel announces Skylake Xeon-D 2100 series processors

    Intel announces Xeon-D 2100 series processors Manufacturing Process: Intel’s optimized 14nm process technology featuring Intel’s Mesh Architecture Maximum Core Count Supported: Up to 18 Maximum Base Frequency Supported: up to 2.2 GHz Maximum Intel Turbo Boost technology 2.0 Frequency Supported...
  18. D

    Intel to replace Knights Hill with new platform and microarch designed for Exascale

    One step we’re taking is to replace one of the future Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors (code name Knights Hill) with a new platform and new microarchitecture specifically designed for exascale.
  19. J

    HP workstations powered by Skylake Xeon

    Advertised as the most powerful workstation in the planet http://www.anandtech.com/show/11838/hp-updates-z8-workstation-up-to-56-cores-3-tb-ram-9-pcie-slots-1700w
  20. M

    Best 1366 Mainboard with ECC

    Hi, I am looking for a Pretty cheap Mainboard for my xeon x5650. I don't really care about the Design or Form factor. It just has to work. but it has to have at least the listed capabilitys. at least one 1366 socket one PCIex16 slot (can also be x8... but i have to be able to plug a x16 card...
  21. J

    Skylake Xeon benches

    The Xeon thread was closed, therefore I am posting this stuff here
  22. Q

    Which games do take advantage of many CPU cores?

    Many games make use of only one or two cores. Some make use of four. DX 12 uses four. I think I've read that Ashes of the Singularity will use twelve. But which games make use of very many cores? IOW which games will take advantage of Threadripper, Epyc, Xeon, i9, etc?
  23. J

    Sizing Up Servers: Intel's Skylake-SP Xeon versus AMD's EPYC 7000 - The Server CPU Battle of the Dec

    http://www.anandtech.com/show/11544/intel-skylake-ep-vs-amd-epyc-7000-cpu-battle-of-the-decade Ok all in all looks real good, very much in some tasks and not so much in others, for now. Kind of wish they would test the 1800X against the 7601 Epyc for bandwidth. Would love to see the...
  24. Q

    Cooling a 200W CPU in a small case?

    I noticed recently that some of the upcoming Xeon CPUs have TDPs in the 200W range. Are there cooling solutions available to be able to use such CPUs in ultra-small cases like the Dan A4 or the Ncase M1?
  25. M

    Project: TM-β - a home cluster build

    Now that my dual-cpu cube computer is built, I'm free to move on to a new project. Introducing TM-β: Those are Xeon X5650s - 2.66ghz, 6 core/12 thread, Socket 1366 The heatsinks. Supermicro 2U passive, with heatpipes. I was going to go with something bigger, but the boards are... a...
  26. spacedrone808

    Latest Xeons and Windows 7

    Guys, i am curious: what is the most powerful Xeon that can be driven by Windows 7?
  27. B

    Proposed Workstation - any thoughts? (only if you have a moment)

    APOLOGIES - PERHAPS THIS SHOULD BE IN THE HARDWARE AREA Hello all, First of all, what an interesting forum full of very knowledgeable fellows :) After about 5 years using a 2500K i5, 16GB RAM and a GTX 560 Ti, it's starting to show it's age and so I thought I'd upgrade. As a self-employed...
  28. B

    Xeon 1650 v4 - Q Good for CAD, Sketchup and Overnight Rendering?

    Hello all, First post on this site, strange this is that I can't see a description of the forum, although it's clear what's been spoken about! So I Use AutoCAD full time, Sketchup 1/4 time and I'm well in need of an upgrade as it's been around 4 years since the last one (details at the bottom...
  29. D

    HG Osmi Build

    After missing out on the A4-SFX batch this February I did some case hunting and came across the stunning Osmi case. Despite the oft mentioned difficulty of working with it, I've been quite taken with its looks. It's the best looking ITX case out there IMO. With that said I'm thinking of the...
  30. O

    LGA1151 Xeon E3-1235L-V5 CPU availability?

    Does anyone know the deal with the E3-1235L-V5 Xeon availability in the US? It was released Q4'15 but no US retailer seems to sell them. 25W TDP CPU. I want to use it with a Mini-ITX supermicro board for an 8 drive DIY NAS and media server (w/ supermicro PCI-E SATA card). I can't seem to find...
  31. B

    Is Xeon X3470 good for gaming? compare to I5 6500

    I thinking about getting X3470 and a mitx h55 motherboard to play games on it with my cousin, i could get i5 6500 but too expensive (which have better value)
  32. B

    Can xeon 5520 perform well in Handbrake and what is Intel® Quick Sync Video?

    I just bought a Xeon 5520 and i want to use it in handbrake. And my uncle said that i need Intel® Quick Sync Video for it to perform well in handbrake.
  33. B

    Can Xeon 5504 render video?

    Building a cheap computer for my uncle, i have a 1366 motherboard and i purchase 2 cpu for $20 1st one is 5504, 2nd is 5520. i want to build my self a computer too so i want to take the 5520 for myself, that's why i wanna ask that can 5504 render video better than core i5 or something like that
  34. wareyore

    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P X58 Socket 1366 motherboard - XEON compatible

    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P X58 motherboard - WORKING -Gulftown and XEON compatible
  35. S

    Recommended budget xeon & mobo for video encoding and gaming

    Hey dudes! I'm looking at potentially upgrading my cpu and mobo to help speed up some video encoding if i can do it on the cheap. I currently have an FX 9370 and it's ok but encoding 4k video takes forever. Anyone have any suggestions on cheap ebay xeons 8 core+ xeons + mobo that could do...
  36. T

    Dell Precision T7810 (E5-2687w v3/32GB/1+1TB/Quadro K4200/3 year Warranty

    Dell Precision T7810 (E5-2687w v3/32GB/1+1TB/DVD RW/Quadro K4200/3 year Warranty
  37. C

    overclocking dual socket 2011 xeon

    hello everyone. i was woundering if anyone knew if their was a multiplier unlocked socket 2011 xeon (es is fine) and any motherboard that would be capable of changine the multiplier. curently i run a evga srx mobo with dual e5-2670s and a TINY fsb overclock at 3.39 if i remember right.
  38. Z

    X99 - Turbo-Boost with Xeons?

    I remember some time ago you could run something like the Xeon e3 1231 v3 on some Asrock boards with all cores set to the max turbo boost, meaning all 4 cores would boost to 3,8 GHz. How is it on the X99 Platform? I know that intel later put an end to this with a microcode update, but the older...
  39. K

    2016 Xeon E3-1246 V3 mITX PC Build

    I'd rather not say where I am, though I do live in the USA and I've ordered on Newegg, Amazon, B&H and Jet. On foot, I go for Best Buy. The rig has been built last month for $815 with Windows 10 as the OS 64bit. Currently, its only serious job is reencoding matroska format videos into mp4...
  40. H

    MSI Introduces World’s First NVIDIA VR Ready Professional Mobile Workstation

    MSI Computer Corp, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, today announced the availability of the WT72, the world’s first professional NVIDIA® VR Ready mobile workstation equipped with NVIDIA’s newest mobile GPU, the Quadro M5500. Designed for maximum performance...