HP Z440 - Questions - Need clarification


Jul 21, 2015

We recently acquired one of these from our office branch.

It comes with 16gb DDR4 and a 6 core intel xeon

We would like to know does this system support the 20 core Xeon cpu and 256GB DDR4 32 gb sticks?

We can't find anything on this machine... lots of conflicting reports. (some say max core is 8 core? and max ram is 128gb) But the system got a 2020 bios update last month.

The cpu we would like to purchase is Intel Xeon E5-2698 V4 ES 2GHz 20 Core 40 Threads LGA 2011-3

The current CPU is Intel Xeon E5-1650 V3 ES (6 core)

So does anyone here actually know what this system can accept? we're hoping it can be 20 core xeon and 256gb DDR4 ECC (as we'll be using it for 3D very heavy applications and CAD)
Funnily enough, my workplace does have a couple of Z440s as part of our equipment rental fleet, but they're fairly low-end configs with E5-1650v4s (6C/12T, 3.6 GHz) and 24 GB (8 + 16 GB) RDDR4.

This video suggests that your desired upgrades are indeed possible on a Z440, except this guy used the v3 E5-2698 rather than the v4. (Probably got it a bit cheaper, I don't think it's a massive difference between the v3 and v4.)

Perhaps I should be first in line if these systems get retired. Wouldn't mind sprucing 'em up into personal servers on the cheap, even if Zen 3 Threadripper would run rings around it.