1. S

    Where are the RX VEGA VR benchmarks?

    Anyone here with an RX Vega and HTC Vive or Oculus want to fire up Nvidia VCAT VR or SteamVR performance tool? Regards, Taylor Ratliff aka TaylorR137
  2. HiCZoK

    Disabled SPUD on oculus and quality improved a lot

    I got rift in recent sale and Even though it looked ok, there was this film grain over part of the screen. Totally ruining black scenes or just dark scenes. The "dirt coat" even made normal color image look somehow worse. I disabled "SPUD" in registry and it totally removed mura calibration and...
  3. slyxxmarbo

    Virtuix Omni

    anyone try these? and also does anyone know if they are selling these platforms in retail yet?
  4. R

    HTC Vive Price Drops $200 Down To $599

    In a blog post today, HTC has announced it's dropping the price on the Vive by $200, down to $599 for "the foreseeable future." Also all VVive purchases will come with a free trial to "Viveport Subscription." The article also mentions that they are working on new tracker software and hardware...
  5. R

    VIVE's price Reduction

    Oculus RIft: $400 Vive: $600 (Down from $800)
  6. cthulhuiscool

    Low Cost VR Solution: TrinusVR

    https://www.trinusvirtualreality.com/ Having spent the last few days tinkering with this, I have to say I am SHOCKED how well it works. Using my Moto X pure (1440p) phone and a good set of google cardboard oculars, picture is pretty well on-par with my experience using an oculus. Since it is...
  7. Z

    usb to usb c adaptor to use Oculus Rift sensor

    I have an Asus VR laptop GL502 series that has four usb 3 ports, but one is a usb c. Looking at Amazon there seems to be mostly oriented at Macs which I don't use. Anyone here point me to a link for one that has a cable don't like the kind that just plugs directly into the c port. Think with a...
  8. R

    Worlds First Brain-Computer Interface For Virtual Reality

    In a press release, Neurable has announced it's first look at it's brain-computer interface for VR. At Siggraph they will be showing Awakening, a VR game preview that is using machine learning to interpret your brain activity in real time to afford virtual powers of telekinesis. Really...
  9. R

    Sensor Mounting in Apartments.

    For people that can't pound holes into the wall. How do people mount their sensors on their walls? I was looking at using command strips. But i've been unable to find someone with ideas how to do it.
  10. R

    Mo-Sys Unveil StarTrackerVR, Large Scale Tracking

    StarTrackerVR can track any object within a large designated environment, using small reflective stickers placed on the ceiling. UK-based Mo-Sys Engineering is targeting broadcasters with the new technology. The system can be adapted to any currently available headset, and scales to nearly any...
  11. L

    Help me decide which one to buy...

    Been out of the loop with VR and haven't kept up with the developments or what's happening. But last weekend I tried my brother-in-law's Vive room scale setup and loved it and the wife told me I could buy a system. I'm seeing the deep discounted Rift package and honestly don't know which way to...
  12. dr.stevil

    Does anyone here own the Delux Audio Strap?

    edit: Nevermind. See that this is already being discussed in the vive thread :)
  13. L

    Operation Warcade VR

    Really fun game if you were a fan of the original Operation Wolf with the light gun in the arcade. They really upgraded it and it works well in VR. It's still mainly on the rails kind of shooter but it's well worth the price especially now with a 30% off since it just came out of Early Access.
  14. FrgMstr

    VR Being Used to Bring about Empathy

    This article talks about a range of tech being used in the medical field with a bit of focus on VR. The gist is that doctors and other health professionals have declining levels of that impact patient satisfaction. Who would have thought that not giving a damn about the person you are...
  15. B

    Akasa Internal 3.5" front panel for VR - HDMI and two USB 3.0

    Plugging the HMD into the back of my PC sucks. Looking for a solution, I found this: http://www.akasa.com.tw/update.php?tpl=product/product.detail.tpl&no=181&type=Card Reader/Hub&type_sub=USB Hub&model=AK-ICR-30 It has two regular USB Type-A plugs and a regular HDMI plug. Cables are 100cm...
  16. R

    Must-Have Applications & Games for VR

    What are some applications and games that could be classified as a "Must Have?". These are what other users believe are a must own for any VR fan. I've included their respective store links as well. I'll be including Overall Steam rating levels from here on out. OP to ON. The rating system...
  17. H

    For those with both a Vive and Rift, any issues using both on the same PC?

    I've got a Rift on pre-order on Amazon that's supposed to release August 7th. I'll probably run it downstairs but was thinking about starting up in my office first using my sig rig. Just looking for any insights people have on this subject. One thing that has occurred to me is that I'll need an...
  18. R

    Oculus Shows Hand Tracking Gloves

    Oculus Chief Scientist Michael Abrash recently made a blog post highlighting some amazing technology being developed by the Oculus team, as well as his thoughts about VR moving into the future. Technologies shown here include adaptive optics, eye, facial, and skeletal tracking, and advanced hand...
  19. B

    Just Buy One

    I sat on the sidelines reading of SDE, lack of 4k per eye, and the usual gripes. I figured I'd wait for second gen. My interest was restricted to driving sims and maybe sit-down RPG. I had less than zero interest in room scale, thinking it was a gimmick. The Rift Touch bundle dropped. I...
  20. wikidlad

    Finally got a Rift

    So, with the current sale I got myself a Rift and controllers. I was kinda worried about the SDE and the whole comfort thing but after trying it myself I have to say I am really amazed at how good it is. The first demo with the little robot and the various 3d printer items was great. So...
  21. Supercharged_Z06

    Rift Owners - Be sure to check out Oculus Tray Tool

    For those of you that just recently picked up a Rift, be sure to check out this useful utility: Oculus Tray Tool It comes in very handy for automatically setting your USB ports up so that they don't go into power savings/sleep mode as well as setting up super-sampling profiles for individual...
  22. Z

    Bought the Rift from Bestbuy thinking about a vr laptop

    Really like the rift better Than PSVR Looking at thishttp://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-rog-gl502vm-15-6-laptop-intel-core-i7-12gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1060-1tb-hard-drive-black/5712362.p?skuId=5712362 Only real concern is the Kabylake cpu. Its the hyperthreading problem associated with...
  23. M

    Google Opens Expeditions VR Education App to the Public

    Google has released the Google Expeditions app for all. Users just need Google Cardboard and an Android or iOS device. The app, mainly intended for educating students, allows users to explore a 360 view of photos and scenes from certain historical periods. Currently, there are over 300 types of...
  24. Armenius

    Project CARS 2

    Surprised to find no thread was created for this yet. A bunch of VR vids have been posted to Youtube in the past week. Looks like the game we were promised years before the first game was released.
  25. FrgMstr

    VR Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

    You too now can have your very own VR smartphone controlled paper airplane for the low low price of $200 $150 with Prime Shipping. But it does come with a "crash proof" carbon fiber and plastic frame. Let me know how it works out for you. And we highly suggest that you record the video so we...
  26. FrgMstr

    VR Used for Surgery Demonstration

    In just a few short years, you will not have to go to the surgeon, the surgeon will come to you. OK, maybe we are not there yet, but using VR as a teaching element in many industries is surely upon us. The gist of this demonstration was that the doctor used a VR glove to control a robot arm on...
  27. FrgMstr

    Sit Closer to the VR, Kids, You'll See Better

    Don't sit so close to the TV, you'll burn your eyes out! Any of you old farts remember that? I know you do. While we have seen reports that VR headsets can "ruin your eyes," there has not been any research behind that to prop it up. This report, Experiment Report on the Impact of Long-Term...
  28. C

    CPU's really necessary for VR

    I already have a VIVE and have a RIFT bundle on the way from Amazon Prime day bundle. I was playing around with some older hardware, and just for fun, thought I would try VR using some stuff I had laying around. Asrock Z87e ITX MB Intel G3258 CPU 3.2 GHZ stock ($50 or so) 8GB DDR3 1600 GTX...
  29. S

    SLI + 4k TV + Oculus Rift...How? Only one active HDMI output.

    Hi All, The sale on Rift has got me thinking about snagging one but I have a few questions. 1. Each card only has 1 x HDMI output but am I right in saying that only the primary card's outputs will work? 2. My main monitor is a 4k TV which only has HDMI inputs. 3. How do I go about connecting...
  30. W

    New Rift Users: included OculusMirror.exe shows whats on HMD.

    Many programs I have tried so far will give you some idea of what is being show on the Rift, but some like Google Earth VR just show a splash screen on the desktop while running the program. When trying to explain to other people whats going on or give instructions you might want to be able to...
  31. R

    Which VR solution to get, any reason to get a vive?

    Im hoping to leap into VR within the next 3-4 months once I have the cash saved up but I'm torn as to what I want to get. I mainly want to be able to either play sitting or standing but room scale would be awesome, and now that VR is starting to get some actual games like fallout 4 it feels like...
  32. FrgMstr

    Full Body Touch and Haptic Feedback in VR

    Sarotis by Interactive Architecture Lab, has some footage posted of its prototypes in action. This footage is from about 9 months ago, but it is something that has escaped me. It is attempting to use haptic and touch feedback in a "full body" way. The video will make you understand how exactly...
  33. FrgMstr

    More on SteamVR Knuckles Controllers

    We put up a video of SteamVR Knuckles Controllers in action inside VR previously, and many people came back wanting to see the actual controllers in action rather than only what you could do with those inside VR. The crew over at Cloudhead Games has delivered exactly that. Pretty cool in...
  34. FrgMstr

    Inside VR - Binge Before the 4th

  35. Q

    Is VR a use case for Epyc?

    I was reading a thread about cameras for VR on another board, and I'm wondering if Epyc might be the preferred CPU for high-end VR thanks to the number of PCI Express lanes it supports? You'd need 32 lanes for two GPUs, and 2 (?) lanes each for, what, four or five high speed (and thus...
  36. C

    New GPU for Oculus - Any advice ?

    So, amid this ridiculous AMD gold rush, I sold my RX 480 4GB 6-month-old card for $350. I only paid $130 new for it after rebate from Newegg. Crazy! In turn, I purchased a 980 TI Superclock for 311 shipped. So, that's like getting a 980 TI SC for $130. :) It arrives tomorrow. Is there...
  37. FrgMstr

    Valve Knuckles Controllers in Action

    Valve has been working on a new controller to use for better VR gaming experiences, commonly referred to as the "Knuckles" controller. The idea here is to give you the ability to use each finger in VR for a more immersive game experience. I have to admit, seeing these in action is pretty damn...
  38. FrgMstr

    Samsung VR Ostrich

    Samsung sent us over a press release this morning highlighting its award winning advertisement. While we usually would not care about this in any way, while it is not attached to "real" VR gaming, it is about VR and it is actually quite entertaining. Enjoy. Check out the video here. The...
  39. T

    3 or 4 cameras for Rift? recommend cables too pls?

    Was wanting to upgrade to room scale. I would like to add another camera or two to my rift. However, what is the consensus? is 3 good enough? 1 in each top corner of room facing me and 1 in back corner or should I do 2 in the back corners making 4 total? Also I need an HDMI extender and USB...
  40. T

    The Mage's Tale

    This is one of the few VR games I'm actually glad I pre-ordered. I'd call it the first really great VR RPG. I've got a few gripes like the lack of real locomotion, but I'd really call it a pseudo twitch game so it doesn't hurt it too bad. Its actually a decent length too it seems. I've played...