1. R

    Opteron vs. EPYC Benchmarks & Performance-Per-Watt

    In an interesting benchmark Michael Larabel from Phoronix compares the performance of the AMD Opteron 2356, a 2.3GHz quad core and dual Opteron 2384s, 2.7GHz quad core, versus the AMD Epyc 7601, 2.2GHz base, 3.2GHz boost, 32 core 64 thread flagship in a number of benchmarks to see what a decade...
  2. M

    mixing and matching buffered ECC RAM

    So I just found ECC RAM are extremely cheap. But the cheap ones I found comes in 6x4GB sets. Is it possible to buy 18 sticks and then just get 16 out of the 18 sticks to be installed on the board? All the sticks will have the same markings/model number/timings. Like RAM makers sell RAM sticks...
  3. J

    Sizing Up Servers: Intel's Skylake-SP Xeon versus AMD's EPYC 7000 - The Server CPU Battle of the Dec Ok all in all looks real good, very much in some tasks and not so much in others, for now. Kind of wish they would test the 1800X against the 7601 Epyc for bandwidth. Would love to see the...
  4. M

    7700k or AMD R 1700 (non x)

    Good Morning All, I have a dilemma, I have recently done away with my sr-2 board due to epic power usage which is pricey in Australia. I currently run a 6700k on a gigabyte z170x gaming g1 board, I wish to run 2 games servers (7 days to die and ark survival evolved). I have the option of...
  5. Zarathustra[H]

    AMD Hopes to Break Intel Server Dominance with New 32-Core Naples Chip

    Infoworld has a story up today about AMD's server chief Forrest Norrod, and how he believes he can take the fight to Intel on the server front. Naples has a massive 32 cores, more PCIe lanes and greater memory capacity than Intel's counterparts, and will likely also sell at a lower cost. On...
  6. FrgMstr

    FSP Twins 500W ATX Redundant Power Supply Review @ [H]

    FSP Twins 500W ATX Redundant Power Supply Review - Redundant computer power supplies have been a fixture in the enterprise server market since failover hardware solutions were first conceived to deal with contingency planning and system disaster recovery. FSP has now brought its Twins solution...
  7. FrgMstr

    FSP Twins that are 500W Each

    PCPer has the skinny on the new FSP Twins Hot Swappable server-type computer power supply. You are either one of the folks that know you want or need this, or you don't. Our review will be published this week along with a full sister-review of the software provided with this PSU. You can buy...
  8. Zarathustra[H]

    Netgear ReadyNAS 4312X Review: Slick 2U Storage

    Here's one for those of you who hang out in the Server/Storage/VM sections of our forums. Servethehome has a review up for Netgear's new ReadyNAS 4312X, and it looks like they like it. It's tough to blame them. Relatively low cost, 10G NIC's, and lots of upgrade flexibility make this one a...
  9. FrgMstr

    Google Servers all Contain Custom Security Silicon

    I came across a very interesting article over The Register that attempts to digest and summarize this document recently released by Google. Revealed last Friday, the document outlines six layers of security and reveals some interesting factoids about the Alphabet subsidiary's operations, none...
  10. T

    Building my first hypervisor...have two motherboards and can't choose

    Hey everyone, I have a few i5 series desktops in my home that I acquired from a local college. I was selling off a bunch of them but turned one into a gaming pc a few months ago and now I want to convert it into a proxmox/hypervisor node. The units I have are fairly current and have either of...
  11. FrgMstr

    AMD Confirms Zen Launch

    Lisa Su of AMD just confirmed on its earnings call that AMD's new Zen processors will launch into the desktop market "Summit Ridge" in Q1'17, and its Zen server products will launch in Q2'17.
  12. J

    Recommend me new Harddisk for Media Server

    Im in the process of buying a new HDD 3/4 TB for my HTPC/ media server, not for OS. WD 3 TB either in Blue or Red seems to fit bill, but im unsure which of them is best in this scenario. My understanding is that blue is for home use and faster while the Red is meant for NAS and Raid. However...
  13. F

    Home VM server

    Hello, I am currently running VMware on my gaming PC: i5 4690k 24GB of ram 250GB ssd samsung 850 evo (other hardware i think does not matter much but here it is xfx 750w TS asus Maximus VII Ranger I have 8 VMs running currently and i am looking to expand to about 20 VMs total. All VMs are...
  14. FrgMstr

    [H]F now on [H]ardware and [H]ttps

    Yesterday the outage was to move the forums back to our own servers. It should be a "little" faster now. Also, you will notice we are now encrypted. This may impact your browsing at work positively...or negatively. If you see any big issues, please let me know.