1. D

    Premium 1440p Gaming & Photo Editing Monitor Recommendations

    Looking to buy a premium 27" 1440p monitor for both high-end gaming and Photo editing. 144hz minimum with freesync/g-sync, good colours, black levels and HDR (600 nits or above). If its not possible to get all these features in one monitor then I'm prepared to drop the HDR providing the SDR is...
  2. D

    Gsync setup for 4k 40-65hz? Fast sync??

    a bit confused. If my monitor should support adaptive (gsync) from 40-66 (philips 43”). For VSYNC I should use fast sync correct? So if I exceed 66hz will drop frames but be in Freesync gsync mode 40-66 right?
  3. J

    Input lag : Unrestricted<Gsync/Freesync<triple buffered Vsync<double buffered Vsync ?

    Although i'm not gonna take your answer for graded i'd like your expert opinion.
  4. AlphaAtlas

    Nvidia Confirms Adaptive Sync Only Works on Pascal and Turing GPUs

    Nvidia has already stated that support for adaptive sync monitors is limited to Turing and Pascal GPUs, aka the GeForce 10 series and up. But the wording was a little ambiguous, and some hoped that Nvidia would eventually add support for the 900 series. But an Nvidia representative on the...
  5. AlphaAtlas

    Nvidia Expands G-Sync Support to Approved Adaptive Sync Monitors

    At CES 2019, Nvidia announced that they're expanding G-Sync support to a handful of FreeSync and Adaptive Sync compatible monitors. In order to "improve the experience for gamers," Nvidia is testing monitor compatibility on a case-by-case basis, and only enables VRR support in the drivers once...
  6. S

    Why Variable Refresh Rate -- i.e. FreeSync and Gsync?

    If a display can have a custom resolution specified in the gpu control panel, why is variable refresh rate a make or break feature for some? Couldn't you just benchmark the title you're currently playing, exit, then set the custom refresh rate to the average fps of that title, then turn on...
  7. darkdashing

    Double duty monitor ?

    Does such a beast exist that is decent for gaming and photo editing? In 4k? Probably wishing for too much but I thought i'd ask if anyone has any recs for a display, thanks!
  8. B

    AOC G2460PG PSU Replacement

    Can anyone help me find a PSU (prefebly Amazon because Prime) that can be used for my G2460PG? It's in storage and I won't have any access to it for weeks, if not longer Here's a photo for reference- I emailed AOC and they want me...
  9. Blorgon

    HP Omen X 35

    Kind of surprised there hasn't been a thread on this yet. Since Acer's x34p seems to have fallen into limbo, the Omen X 35 seems to be the front runner for upcoming ultrawide monitors. G-Sync, 100hz native refresh rate (I think, anyway; can't remember where I read that). The price is nuts, but...
  10. I

    Dell 24 Gaming Monitor - S2417DG - for net $400

    Grab the very well reviewed Dell 24" gaming monitor for $475, and get a $75 gift card as well. At a net price of $400, you're about 70 bucks under the lowest price that CCC has seen. I have the 27" inch version and love it. The bezel is quite thin and a site to behold. This is not your typical...
  11. Z

    GSYNC & 4K Monitors - No Actual 10-Bit Color Support?

    TLDR - can anyone with a 4K GSYNC monitor (any make or model) confirm that 10-bit color is selectable in the NVIDIA Control Panel? Details: I picked up an Acer Predator XB321HK, which ostensibly sports a 10-bit panel, 60Hz refresh, and GSYNC. No matter what I do, however, I'm unable to select...
  12. S

    Need help picking a new setup

    Hi guys, first time poster, long time lurker. A quick little background. I have previously used a Seiki 50in 4k TV as my primary display and over the holidays upgraded that to a UN55JS9000. I love the large screen space for movies (my computer used to be positioned in front of my bed, so it was...
  13. L

    HOT! - Acer XB271HU *Recertified* - $519 Shipped via Acer Ebay

    Here we go again! Looks like Acer has some recertified XB271HU's out on their Ebay store for $499. As always, this is the panel lottery and it is very YMMV. Link below! Acer XB271HU bmiprz Gaming Monitor, Nvidia G-sync, HDMI, 144Hz, (2560 x 1440)