HOT! - Acer XB271HU *Recertified* - $519 Shipped via Acer Ebay

Honsetly guys. I would take a HUGE step away from these. The quality control is atrocious. I have two of these Xb271hu's and I love mine. I went through eight monitors before I luckily found two that were white, and not yellowish (a little bit of bleed but I can live with it). I have a bud who went through nine XB271's, as well as three PG279q's before he got a white screen. If you are also the type of person who has more than one monitor, you will nitpick the crap out of the display when they are side by side due to yellowness. I have a strong feeling the majority of the 5 star reviews don't realize their screen is actually yellow since most run a single screen.

Don't get me wrong. These monitors are damn amazing. I love mine to pieces. The scaling for consoles via the HDMI to 1440p is also top notch. I don't notice any quality difference which is astounding considering the non native increase in resolution. But be VERY VERY careful. I'd recommend looking at retail stores that carry them, take your luck there so you have an easy return window. Yes you will be paying more. But the chance of getting a bad panel is high with this display as well as the PG279Q, I wouldn't risk it for such an expensive monitor. Especially considering most of these displays will most likely be returns for panel issues that are badged as refurbished. AUOptronics should be ashamed that they release such panels to the public. You spend 800 dollars, a little backlight bleed is acceptable. But yellowish screens, massive orange glow, it's downright wrong.
Price is fine, but that stand is hideous, just like the Acer z35. Other than that, 144Hz gsync IPS panels are hitting sales a lot more commonly nowadays. Microcenter was just running a deal where you could get 20% off Acer monitors with the purchase of almost any cpu. That meant you could pick up the IPS version of the Acer xb270hu for only $565 +tax (along with a full 3 year warrranty). The well-reviewed xb270hu is nearly identical to the monitor in the OP (but better looking imo). It also topped the Asus rog swift pg278q in tftcentral's thorough review (later edged by the rog pg279q). The QC issues that plagued earlier versions of that monitor have mostly been worked out AFAIK.

Bottom line, sale prices are dropping quickly on top-notch 27" ips gsync/freesync monitors. YMMV.
Regarding the stand. Honestly I like it. I have a enormous mousepad, that spans longer than one monitor. Normal round or square stands would always have to be position farther back or ontop of the mousepad. With this one I can angle the legs in the perfect way to encompass my mousepad within the legs. Got two of these so far, looking to pick up a third. But I would never take the risk of buying one of these online like this. I'd rather spend more and test the monitor from a store to make sure it's a good panel.
I was going to buy one of these but I'll get it at Microcenter once I move back to NY in a few months. I had to replace my Dell since it had a dead pixel and annoying buzz. I couldn't accept anything less than perfect with a little bit of BLB.