1. Nickolai

    PC, Memtest86+ hangs: what to do?

    My PC running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS started hanging in random moments, after I brought it with me on an international plane (it's in a tiny mini-ITX case, so I took it with me as hand luggage and handled with care). When I boot Memtest86+ from GRUB, it starts but hangs at 1 second mark without...
  2. postcd

    W7 computer freezing (screen is like old analog television, frozen sound and HDD led lighting)

    Hello, on my desktop computer (detail) i turn it on sometimes to play for an hour or two game, but in maybe 40% cases (every other day or so) happen that computer freeze during gameplay (seen no freeze during game not running, though it is minimum time computer running without game): - screen...
  3. DooKey

    Senate Banking Bill Would Make Credit Freezes Free

    The Senate is taking up a bill with bipartisan support that will require the credit reporting agencies to freeze our credit report for free upon our request. While this doesn't address the root cause of the Equifax leak, it does provide some relief to our wallets when it comes to freezing our...
  4. D

    Mystery Malfunctions: Mainboard killed by PSU?

    First of all hello, and thanks for accepting me. :) The following is copied over, so it already includes some edits. Sorry in advance for a long post - I will try and give as much information as possible to hopefully get an informed response or two - I really am at a loss and quite desperate...
  5. C

    Grey screen while playing games

    I've just bought Corsair LPX 3000mhz 2x8gb RAM and now I am occasionally experiencing gray screen while playing games.First screen freezes then gray screen appears but I can still run ctrl+alt+delete but if I try to run task manager gray screen appears again, I can't minimize or do anything...
  6. C

    My screen freezes in Mortal Kombat X on RX 460 4GB but I can still hear sound

    After playing 5-6 matches with my friend, screen just freezes during match. I am not sure if this could be an issue but I am playing pirate version ( don't blame me for that, I am going to buy original version tonight, but I am not sure should I because of this issue). I am running the game...
  7. A

    Going mad with this issue

    Hello Hard Forum, this is my first post here, if i dont respect some rules let me know :) Now here is my issue: -My PC is freezing randomly, i have to hard reset it. Now what i tried: -Passing memtest(0 errors) -Passing Crystal Disk(0 errors) -Changed Motherboard -Tried with different RAMs -Used...
  8. the X

    Custom PC resets every other power on

    Title edit: "Custom PC freezes every other power on" Asrock Z77 Extreme4 i5 3570k XFX R9 290 120gb SSD 800gb HDD EVGA NEX 750G (psu) Windows 10 Last couple months I've noticed the PC only freezes every other power on. In other words I would have to power on, wait for freeze, and then hard...