My screen freezes in Mortal Kombat X on RX 460 4GB but I can still hear sound


Jun 1, 2017
After playing 5-6 matches with my friend, screen just freezes during match. I am not sure if this could be an issue but I am playing pirate version ( don't blame me for that, I am going to buy original version tonight, but I am not sure should I because of this issue).

I am running the game with all settings on max and I have 60 FPS all time so I doubt the issue could be my hardware ( of course if everything is working fine which I hope it does). I've tried everything, uninstalling drivers, changing settings in game but no improvement.

I am running the a10-7850k, GIGABYTE RX 460 2X WINDFORCE, 8gb DDR3 1866mhz RAM and 500W PSU, 256GB SSD (43GB free). Just as I already stated my system can maintain 60 FPS in game so there is no chance it's too weak for it. I am really hoping that playing pirate version is issue since I am getting original one tonight or tomorrow.

P.S: Sorry for bad English.
um running a pirated copy and it crashes, tough!
ps: your English is better than half the people around here :)
Yeah I know, I am hoping that's an issue and likely it is, but while I was looking for the solution for this problem online, I found many people who are encountering exactly same issue though they are using genuine version of their games ( at least I assume they are ) and I would be 100% sure that pirate version is one which is causing these troubles but still... screen freezing and still hearing noise seems a bit like GPU problem but most likely using pirate version is. Anyway I would like to hear ( read ) few more opinions before buying the game.
I am playing at stock speeds. Before few days I overclocked my GPU and played for few hours, but then I overclocked a bit more and received blue skin so I had to return back to normal and it works fine now. I hope that slightly overclocking didn't harm my GPU :/
no it wouldn't. get a legit copy of the game, make sure all your drivers are up to date, try again.
Drivers are up to date, gonna buy game soon and I hope it will work. Thank you for your replies.
Hey Crashy, you might have some luck like me in that I took my power color 2gb rx460 and flashed it to a rx560 2gb PowerColor bios. This unlocked the 896 shaders to 1024 and looks like the newer cards have better voltage frequency states, so a more constant MHz on the core. Note this is kind of advanced and your mileage may vary kind of thing but I got like a free 5% with the extra shaders even though the clocks dropped from 1200mhz to 1100. Also on these cards, you can recover if you have a bad flash with a spare card.

FYI you can get a retail Steam key from cd keys for mortal kombat X for like $4 USD here: ;)