distributed computing

  1. Gilthanis


    Dreamlab with the Garvin Institute. Some notes as of 10/5/16 You can choose between Breast , Ovarian, Pancreatic, Prostate, or all of these forms of cancer to contribute towards. The project does not yet have a leader board to compare your progress to. The project does not yet have teams or a...

    Let's help recruit for The [H]orde!

    Ok, hopefully that's a catchy title. I directed a question to Pocatello last month why we didn't have a nomination for DCOTM for August. He cited lack of interest in DC projects in the Summer months, and the conversation led to the topic of declining interest in DC on the message boards...
  3. N

    Help needed with VMware, Torque, NFS - for school

    Hi everyone :) I may sound like a n00b but I could really use some help with my school project that will define my grade. Professor told me to install VMware and install 3 virtual machines, then to use NFS so clients can see a machine on server, and then to use Torque (PBS) to submit a result of...
  4. S

    Distributed GPU-Enabled PC Network

    Hey, I work in the computer science department at the University of Pennsylvania. We’re doing deep learning research, and we’re looking to access unused hardware for our technology. We’ve developed software that could be installed on a distributed network of dedicated host machines that would...
  5. Gilthanis

    All Inclusive DC Project list v.2

    Ledger A - Android B - BOINC project D - DOS i - iOS L - Linux M - Mac O - OS/2 S - Solaris V - The project is part of the DC-Vault W - Windows X - AIX 1 - Intel/AMD CPU 2 - Power PC 3 - ARM 4 - nVidia GPU 5 - AMD/ATI GPU 6 - Intel GPU 7 - PS3 8 - SPARC 9 - ASIC or FPGA 10 - MIPS * - There are...