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  1. Gilthanis

    Formula-BOINC 2018

    http://formula-boinc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=100 Team is currently in 1st place of League 2 Sprints Season 2018 03/22/2018 13:00 (UTC) - 03/25/2018 12:59 (UTC) SETI - Team placed 1st 04/05/2018 21:00 (UTC) - 04/08/2018 20:59 (UTC) VGTU - Team placed 1st 04/12/2018 16:00 (UTC)...
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    PrimeGrid's Winter Solstice Challenge (8 of 8 in the 2017 Challenge Series)

    December 18 - 21 The Final Challenge of the 2017 Challenge series is upon us. The Winter Solstice Challenge will be a 3 day (72 hour) celebration on account of the winter solstice. The challenge is being offered on PrimeGrid's most successful sieve, the Proth Prime Search (Sieve) application...
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    Rakesearch Milestones and Achievements

    It appears that Rakesearch now has badges. http://rake.boincfast.ru/rakesearch/forum_thread.php?id=40#174 I have
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    ODLK Milestones and Accomplishments

    https://boinc.progger.info/odlk/ Looks like this project now has badges. I currently have -
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    Looks like DC-Vault might be done. here is why. Earlier this week the domain name expired. So, I had Rusty look into it. I have no idea if this means he will just get a new domain and let it continue to limp along or just let it die as it has lost its popularity over the years due to the main...
  6. Gilthanis

    non-[H] DC distros

    I figured I would mention a few other distros being put out in the world to simplify things for others or possibly add options that others may not have. http://www.boincitaly.org/supporto/boinc-distro.html#eng https://boinc.berkeley.edu/dev/forum_thread.php?id=11961
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    DrugDiscovery@home now has GPU work units

    https://boinc.drugdiscoveryathome.com/forum_thread.php?id=2108 They have a new Gromacs application for Linux and Windows that they are testing. They are still in testing, but this makes another Bio/Medical project on GPU's.
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    13th Annual WCG Birthday Challenge

    https://secure.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/challenge/viewTeamChallenge.do?challengeId=8617 I have signed the team up. It will go from 11/16-11/22. This challenge is points based. Only work units that are turned in and validated during these dates will count. More information and statistics...
  9. Gilthanis

    Ideas on where to recruit new users

    So, in the past I had tried posting in forums of various Cancer related sites to try and convince those already interested in the science to join in. However, I found rather quickly that this sort of thing is pretty much looked upon as "spamming". Unless of course someone deliberately asked for...
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    PrimeGrid Times

    I thought maybe people would want to make a list of the times they see on different hardware here. Device Run time Cpu time Credit application NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS (512MB) driver: 34201 - 103,458.71 - 865.25 -...
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    RakeSearch is a research project that uses Internet-connected computers to search for orthogonal diagonal Latin squares. You can contribute to our research by running a free program on your computer. http://rake.boincfast.ru/rakesearch/ Currently the project is Linux and CPU only. I have added...
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    More insult to injury

    So, I received this today over at POGS
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    PrimeGrid's Number Theory Week Challenge (5 of 8 in the PrimeGrid Challenge Series)

    The 5th Challenge of the 2017 Challenge series is a 5 day challenge to celebrate Number Theory Week 2017. The challenge is being offered on the 321 Prime Search (LLR) application. To participate in the Challenge, please select only the 321 Prime Search (LLR) project in your PrimeGrid...
  14. Gilthanis

    WCG has a new sub project! 8/22/17

    WCG has a new sub project called - Microbiome Immunity Project! https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/forums/wcg/viewthread_thread,40248 I gave it a thread of its own for more potential exposure. Overview of the sub project - https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/research/mip1/overview.do
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    Since I am an admin at DC-Vault I need to make it very clear up front. I will NEVER suggest adding nor removing projects simply to improve our standing. When it comes to this, I make those suggestions for the sake of bettering the competition even if it hurts us. History will show that I have...
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    Does anyone here have experience with using Docker that might be able to get it working with multiple boinc clients? I currently have a how-to in the guides section for running multiple clients within Windows, but wonder if Docker would be a better option. Thoughts? And this may help for...
  17. Gilthanis

    Milestones and badges thread for XANSONS4COD

    List can be found here: http://xansons4cod.com/xansons4cod/forum_thread.php?id=68#391 I have - and
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    PrimeGrid's Solar Eclipse Challenge (Part 4 of the 2017 challenge series)

    Solar Eclipse Challenge Aug 20 18:00:00 to Aug 23 18:00:00 (UTC) Sub project: GCW-LLR Tips: You must log into your account at PrimeGrid to change your project preferences so that you are only crunching the correct sub project. In this case GCW LLR. Intel boxes tend to perform better. The HT...
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    SETI@Home Wow Event 2017 by SETI.Germany

    8/15 - 8/29 Hello Colesaw,SETI.Germany is organizing the SETI @ Home Wow Event in August 2017. The registration is already possible.You and your Team [H]ard|OCP are welcome to join in the Event. Register here: https://www.seti-germany.de/Wow/anmeldung.php?lang=de&lang=en Many Greetings...
  20. Gilthanis

    Grid Computing Center

    So, I set up a 20GB Ramdisk to put a ton of multi clients into. Loaded up the first 700 in 100 increments and it kept the full 8 total cores at full load... And they were erroring out. Will try loading up in 100 increments again but checking them with each step to see how it goes. I did the...
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    http://xansons4cod.com/xansons4cod/index.php They now also have multi-threaded apps available for CPU. This was previously pretty much GPU.
  22. Gilthanis

    Grid Computing Center

    http://boinc.gridcomputingcenter.org/ On top of running the NCI applications from GoofyxGrid, it appears that they are now testing some cryptocoin generation options to fill the place of BitoinUtopia. Apparently you will be able to mine XMR from the project if you opt in. Currently only AMD...
  23. Gilthanis

    Climate@home V2 badges and recognition

    I now have the first badge level -
  24. Gilthanis

    High payout projects

    I used to keep this via a PM, but should better suffice here. Today I am noticing Citizen Science Grid paying out rather high. My borgs have been running the current EXACT MNIST Batch Norm CNN Trainer v0.30 work units and seem to be earning around .219 points per second per thread. It may be a...
  25. Gilthanis

    WCG tips and strategies

    ChristianVirtual's request in the WCG recognition thread inspired this thread. I didn't really want to discuss it in open forums due to some of the tips not being always looked upon as fair. Sometimes work units are hard to come by, are set to a lower priority, and are gobbled up as soon as...
  26. Gilthanis

    Winding down for summer

    Guys (gals?), I will be winding a lot of my production down for the summer. This will be the first summer I have done a major cut. I will be focusing mostly on projects that need testing, new projects I haven't hit 1 million points in, and the occaisional challenge. So, please do not think I'm...
  27. Gilthanis

    [H] issued challenge - Stress testing Amicable Numbers for DC-Vault inclusion

    6/14-6/21 - Amicable Numbers - Amicable Numbers Stress Test for inclusion in the DC-Vault - https://boincstats.com/en/stats/challenge/team/chat/935 This project is both GPU and CPU. It scores well even on CPU. CPU work units are multi-threaded.
  28. Gilthanis

    How to setup up BOINCStats BAM!

    To set up BOINCStats BAM!, you will first need to register for an account. Go to www.boincstats.com Click on Register Enter the user name that you want. Enter the email address (note: make sure it is the same that you use at ALL BOINC projects or you will have lots of troubles) Enter and...
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    8th Annual BOINC Pentathlon by SETI.Germany

    8th Annual BOINC Pentathlon - https://www.seti-germany.de/boinc_pentathlon/start.php Hosted by Seti-Germany 05/05/2016, 0:00 UTC to 05/19/2016, 0:00 UTC 5 disciplines, 1 winner Place Holder for official projects once they are announced Marathon (CPU, 14 days) - 5/5-6/19 - Cosmology@home -...
  30. Gilthanis

    PrimeGrid Mathematics Awareness Month Challenge (Part 2 of the PrimeGrid Challenge Series)

    Mathematics Awareness Month Challenge From April 7th 12:00:00 UTC until April 22nd 12:00:00 UTC we will be having a 15 day challenge running the Prime Sierpinski Problem (LLR) Project. This project is an LLR work unit and is CPU only. This means you will more than likely have better results...
  31. Gilthanis

    Amicable Numbers - Badges and milestones

    Amicable Numbers now has badges - https://sech.me/boinc/Amicable/forum_thread.php?id=14#194 I have this one - These are based on how many pairs you have found.
  32. Gilthanis

    Amicable Numbers (BOINC)

    Amicable Numbers - Current goal of the project is to find all amicable pairs with smallest member < 264. All new findings are published regularly on the Amicable pairs list page. https://sech.me/boinc/Amicable/ Team link - https://sech.me/boinc/Amicable/team_display.php?teamid=1999 This project...
  33. Gilthanis

    WCG has a new sub project: Smash Childhood Cancer

    AgrFan already posted this in the WCG thread https://hardforum.com/threads/world-community-grid.1833345/page-6#post-1042781874 but I figured it may get more exposure with its own as an announcement of sorts. https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/research/scc1/overview.do
  34. Gilthanis


    This project just got re-vitalized. The page is still under development so some links aren't working. However, they are working on both CPU and GPU work units. It's always nice to find another bio/medical GPU project. Crossing my fingers. https://boinc.drugdiscoveryathome.com/
  35. Gilthanis

    Tour de Primes 2017

    2/1 - 2/28 - PrimeGrid - Tour De Primes - http://www.primegrid.com/forum_thread.php?id=7222#103682 - This is NOT part of the 2017 challenge series. However it is possible to earn a special badge based on your results. The agenda is multi-factored. They are looking for the person with the best...
  36. Gilthanis

    Formula-BOINC 2017

    Since I didn't have access to the website at work, I copied this from OcUK's post. Thanks hanluc. New season has started and along with it new rules. Also this year, in addition to the usual FB scoring (called marathons now) there will be a sprint discipline. Sprint : 20 events of 3-days...
  37. Gilthanis

    PrimeGrid Isaac Newton's Birthday Challenge (part 1 of 9 of PrimeGrid Challenge Series)

    http://www.primegrid.com/forum_thread.php?id=7183#102795 January 3rd to January 13th @ 18:00 UTC time This is part 1 of 9 in the Challenge Series. The challenge is for the GCW Sieve. This is a CPU based work unit. Tips: You must log into your account at PrimeGrid to change your project...
  38. Gilthanis

    DC Challenges 2017

    Year round DC-Vault Ongoing - DC Vault - Team Details - Team currently in 4th place DC Vault 2 Formula-BOINC Year long challenge - www.formula-boinc.org/ -Team is in 1st of League 3 2011 - Team placed 95th 2012 - Team placed 58th 2013 - Team placed 60th 2014 - Team placed 1st in League 2 -...
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    http://parlea.ru/andersonattack/ The purpose of the project is to implement Anderson's attack on A5/1 GSM stream cipher. The attack's idea was described in the early 90's in a mailing group. As we know, it was never implemented in practice before. Anderson's attack belongs to a class of...
  40. Gilthanis


    About XANSONS for COD XANSONS for COD is a research project aimed to create an open access database of simulated x-ray and neutron powder diffraction patterns for nanocrystalline phase of the materials presented in the Crystallography Open Database (COD). You can participate by downloading and...