1. cageymaru

    Intel Processor Supply to Remain Tight Until 2H19

    According to Compal president and CEO Martin Wong, Intel hasn't given its downstream partners a clear schedule on when the processor shortages can be resolved. He believes that the Intel processor shortage will continue into 2H19 and will negatively affect notebook shipments during the upcoming...
  2. cageymaru

    AMD September Motherboard Shipments Up 15% in China as Demand Increases

    According to Weng Wei of China Times, AMD motherboard sales were up 15% during the month of September in China as the growth trend more than doubled. This has led to the price of AMD processors increasing from 30% to 50% within the region. The price of high-end AMD motherboards has increased...
  3. Z

    $1800 - $2500 Video Editing Build - any good?

    Hi Guys, My brother needs a new PC, and asked me for help. PC will be primary used for Video Editing & PC Gaming. I want to set him up with the best radiator for water cooling (nothing custom). And since I always had an Intel build, I want to stick to that. He will pick his own case (full...
  4. cageymaru

    Vulkan Has Just Become the World's First Graphics API with a Formal Memory Model

    Khronos Group has announced that Vulkan has become the world's first graphics API with a formal memory model. "A memory model, or memory consistency model, for a programming language describes how threads in a parallel processing system can access shared data and synchronize with each other...
  5. Meleniumshane90

    FS: GT650M Lenovo Ultrabay GPU, GTX 950, 240GB mSATA SSD, i5-2300, i5-750, 6GB DDR3

    Lenovo GN36 GT650M UltraBay GPU for Y500/Y400 Laptops - $140 shipped OBO PNY GTX 950 2GB - $75 shipped 240GB Mushkin mSATA SSD - $50 shipped Intel i5-2300 2.8GHz (LGA 1155) - $35 shipped OBO Intel i5-750 2.66Ghz (LGA 1156) - $25 shipped OBO 6GB DDR3-1333 (Elpida) - $20 shipped 2 x 2GB 1 x...
  6. cageymaru

    Nvidia Technical Marketing Gives an Interview to HotHardware on Turing

    HotHardware has conducted an interview with Nvidia Director of Technical Marketing, Tom Petersen where they discuss various topics such as how Turing compares to Pascal. Tom Petersen had this to say. "The fact is that Turing, just a just the traditional Turing where you think about shaders...
  7. cageymaru

    Open Data Blender Benchmark Tests Your System's Ability to Run Blender

    Blender is an free and open source 3D creation suite which appeals to a demographic ranging from professionals to amateur video editors. Now they want to assist developers with understanding their system's ability to run Blender. A Blender Benchmark has been developed and released as a beta...
  8. TheHig

    WTB: Ryzen 5 1400 or 1500x

    Hello all, Looking for a Ryzen 5 1400 or 1500x. Just need the CPU only as I have coolers available. Shipped to OH 45243 and I have PayPal for payment. jfiveone94 Heat and Ebay Thanks!
  9. R

    How much FPS to expect from i5 2500k to a recent i7 on 1080ti?

    I'm contemplating a jump to a 1440p 144hz gsync monitor and curious if my 2500k will be able to handle fps increases over 90 for example? I'm wondering if I'll need to upgrade my cpu as well. Thanks, G
  10. H

    Rebuild considering AMD

    Alright AMD fans, I need some feedback. I can get a 7820x and msi pro carbon x299 for just under 700 at microcenter. I'm doing a rebuild and actually want the fans of AMD to fire off reasoning to go with ryzen with the above pricing. I'm not a prosumser - work in finance so do use many...
  11. A

    Newegg shellshocker - Ryzen 7 1700x 8 core w/ mothboard for 269.98 after $10 buck mail in rebate

  12. FrgMstr

    AMD RYZEN 7 2700 on Sale $225 - RYZEN 5 2600 $170

    This is a great deal on the AMD Ryzen 7 2700. If you want to hand overclock instead of using Precision Boost 2, This is surely what you want to do instead of spend the extra money for PB2. You can read our 2700 Overclocking Review at the linkage. And if you want to skip a couple of cores, the...
  13. FlimFlam

    F/S: NIB 8700K

    {SOLD!} FOR SALE: Brand new still in box Corei7 8700K. Asking $260 shipped to lower 48. 100% Heat & Ebay feedback (Heat is same as Hard name) Ship via USPS. If you need special shipping like Hold for Pickup or Signature Required, please let me know. Have it but selling for a friend who...
  14. T

    FS: i5 8600K (New)

    i5 8600K - $195 Shpped I have a new open box i5 8600K that was going to be used on a new build, but I got a used i7 8700K for free. Edit: price reduced
  15. DooKey

    Intel Microcode Update Docs Tip Off Possible Ninth-Gen Core CPUs

    Those sharp-eyed folks over at Tech Report caught an Intel mistake in the latest microcode update documents that possibly revealed some ninth-gen CPUs. If you take a look at the picture you will see five i5 9xxx series models mentioned. However, what you won't see is anything about the mythical...
  16. O

    How do you test for Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability? In what CPU will it be fixed at hardware level?

    Two questions: How do you test or check for Spectre / Meltdown vulnerability? Do we know, yet, in what CPU these will be fixed at hardware level? So will 9th generation Intel CPU's be "immune" for example? I ask the second question because it seems like new "variants" of the above...
  17. postcd

    CPU hungry game freezining/lagging because of other procs using CPU, increase game priority?

    Hello, my i5 CPU is having problem to keep up with me playing CPU hungry game and also processing other Windows 10 tasks like P2P application. When i end other apps, game has no lagging. I am almost sure problem is CPU, not HDD not GPU, not RAM, because i see CPU usage in tray icon when game is...
  18. T

    Long term TIM results

    The thermal paste was a Dynex brand silver compound I bought at Best Buy on my AMD FX-8350 that was applied four years ago. Not dry or cracked as I expected for such a hot CPU that was never overclocked. Still somewhat paste like to the touch and with no CPU heat issues before I removed it too...
  19. D

    What kind of temps are you guys seeing with Ryzen in ITX builds?

    R7-1700X here, no overclock (just bog standard out of the box) utilizing a Silverstone NT06-Pro + Noctua A12x15 PWM in a 'push' configuration, all housed inside a Raven RVZ-01B case. I put it under a bit of a 'torture' (in quotes due to not having full CPU utilization) by closing it in the...
  20. S

    MSI X99S XPOWER AC Spectre/Meltdown BIOS?

    Hey guys, Back in January MSI put out a press release that they were coming out with a new BIOS for a ton of mobos - including my X99S XPOWER AC - http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/msi-releases-bios-updates-to-address-recent-vulberabilities.html - however, the firmware mentioned (E7881IMS.1C0)...
  21. FrgMstr

    AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Overclocking Review @ [H]

    AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Overclocking Review With the AMD Ryzen 7 2700 (non-X) down to as little as $255, it seems that now is the time for us to discuss exactly what the benefits, if any, there are to purchasing the 2700 rather than its more expensive big brother, the 2700X. If you consider yourself a...
  22. DooKey

    Apple Quietly Opens Oregon Engineering Lab and Poaches Intel Employees

    According to a source that spoke to the Oregonian, Apple is opening up a new hardware engineering lab in Washington County, Oregon. The job listings and other information are pointing to them poaching Intel employees and from other tech employers. Considering where the lab is located and who...
  23. FrgMstr

    be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU Air Cooler Review The Dark Rock Pro 4 promises two things right up front, "NO COMPROMISE SILENCE AND PERFORMANCE." be quiet! even says it in all caps, so it must mean business. Other marketing speak is "Silent Wings," "Funnel-shaped," "high-performance," and...
  24. R

    New Processor Vulnerability Discovered

    Microsoft and Google Project Zero researchers announced today a new category of processor vulnerability known as a speculative execution side channel vulnerability, or Speculative Store Bypass, that is closely related to the Spectre Variant 1 vulnerability. Microsoft has also released a security...
  25. FrgMstr

    be quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    be quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU Air Cooler Review be quiet! has quietly made a name for itself in the CPU air cooling business over the years and now demands a very solid following of fans and users. It may surprise you to know, that be quiet!'s claim to fame is...wait for it...being quiet. That...
  26. R

    CPU Utilization is Wrong

    In May of last year, senior performance architect at Netflix, Brendan Gregg posted an interesting article about how the "%CPU" metric is wrong, and is progressively getting worse. Now, Brendan expands on his findings in a 5 minute video from the Southern California Linux Expo. The UpSCALE...
  27. DooKey

    Jim Keller Joins Intel

    Jim Keller really needs no introduction to followers of AMD and Intel, however, just in case you didn't know he led AMD development of the K7 and K8 cpu's as well as being the lead architect of the Zen architecture. After his stints at AMD his latest job was at Tesla to develop chips for their...
  28. R

    AMD Combat Crate Bundle Leaked

    In quite a surprise today, a seller on Amazon has leaked the "AMD Combat Crate." According to the listing the bundle is in stock now, and includes a Ryzen 5 1600 CPU, and MSI Gaming RX580 GPU, and an MSI B350 Tomahawk motherboard for $599. This is likely a mistake in the listing, as the reviews...
  29. FrgMstr

    Intel Rumors - Kaby Lake-X - Skylake-X and Cascade Lake

    Intel Rumors - Kaby Lake-X - Skylake-X and Cascade Lake In this episode of How the Rumor Mill Churns, we address some old Intel CPUs, some new Intel CPUs, and hopefully Intel CPUs that we will never see again. End of Life for good products is often disheartening, but when EOL pertains to...
  30. I

    i7-8700K vs i5-8600K vs i5-8400 vs R5-1600

    Which would you get? The price difference between a build with 8700K and a 8600K is R$414.31($127.48), 8700K and 8400 is R$812.24($249.92) and 8700K to 1600 is R$1104.99($339.99). The Ryzen one seems to offer a lot for its price, but, considereing that a game lasts about 2/3 years to develop, we...
  31. scojer

    Did I get a bad MoBo?

    I just got the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 and everything worked just fine. Booted it up, installed Windows, downloaded new BIOS updated it, rebooted just fine. The Motherboard software updated with windows updates, reset computer. It won't post I tried to boot from the backup bios that didn't...
  32. I

    Help me build a gaming PC to last some years

    Hey guys, I've been looking to buy a new PC and I want your help. My current specs are pretty outdated, I have a FX-6300 and a GTX 750 Ti, but maybe I can use my current 650W PSU and 1 TB HDD on a new machine. Anyway, my main goal is to build a gaming PC able to run games on 1080p +60FPS, but...
  33. pencea

    Reviews for AMD’s APU Ryzen 2400G are in.

    AnandTech https://www.anandtech.com/show/12425/marrying-vega-and-zen-the-amd-ryzen-5-2400g-review If there was any doubt that AMD holds the integrated graphics crown, when we compare the new Ryzen APUs against Intel's latest graphics solutions, there is a clear winner. For almost all the 1080p...
  34. LFaWolf

    WTB: Low TDP LGA1155 CPUs

    Got what I need. Hi all, I am looking for one or two low TDP (65W or lower) LGA 1155 processors. I am only interested in something listed below, sorted by preference so please no offer for anything else. PM the price if you have one or two to sell. i7 3770T i7 3770S i7 2600S i5 3570T i5 3470T...
  35. R

    Intel Plans To Have Spectre & Meltdown-Proof CPUs This Year

    Slashgear is reporting that intel plans to have versions of its processors that address the Spectre and Meltdown security flaws on the market later this year. News on the processor update came during the earnings call with Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, after the company announced...
  36. TheHig

    Asus z97i Plus itx motherboard $100

    Hello all! CPU sold! PayPal for payment ASUS z97i Plus itx mobo with all retail accessories and box. $110 shipped conus priority mail. Has Win10 pro digital entitlement if you can make that happen as a possible bonus. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/Z97IPLUS/ Mobo Actual...
  37. magnux

    WTB: i7-7700k

    Hoping for an i7-7700k to toss in a VR build. Looking to spend <$220. Let me know what you've got. Got one, thanks.
  38. N

    FS: Seasonic Prime 1200W Gold + Intel G3930 + Destiny 2

    Seasonic Prime 1200W Gold Comes with all cables and original box $250 + shipping or local pickup in Seattle Intel G3930 Comes with original box $40 shipped Destiny 2 Code for PC $23 Needs a 1080 or 1080Ti installed to activate. Heatware is 153-0-0
  39. t_ski

    t_ski is back!!! Lots of CPUs (2011 v1/v2), WinXP/7, Office, EVGA 1080 SC

    Heatware is under t_ski All parts are used, pulls from working machines. Prices include shipping in the lower 48, and PayPal is the preferred method of mayment. VIDEO CARD EVGA 1080 SC ACX - no mining or folding ever. Bare card. $380 shipped. S2011 CPUs Buy 2 S2011 CPUs, get 5% off Buy 4...
  40. FlimFlam

    F/S: NIB 8600K/1060 FTW*/GB Z370 G7

    Hey all. Hope you had a nice holiday season. Thanks to all my customers that paid fast and gave me good feedback. I hope you are enjoying the parts. Sorry I got to some PMs slowly since I was busy and overwhelmed with interest. I try to respond to all PMs in timely fashion but it was...