Sep 5, 2008
Hey guys,

Back in January MSI put out a press release that they were coming out with a new BIOS for a ton of mobos - including my X99S XPOWER AC - - however, the firmware mentioned (E7881IMS.1C0) is nowhere to be found (even on their beta BIOS forum - last updated in 2014).

The latest BIOS posted in the official spot is from around 2 years ago -

Has anyone heard anything from MSI or know what's up? Is this board being abandoned? My ASROCK X99 Extreme4 had an update...disappointing to not see anything yet from MSI considering how much I've invested in their hardware (GTX 1070 Ti Platinum, GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z, this board, GS65 laptop...and that's just currently)...

i would start a new thread in their forum. the mods there have access to lots of goodies that they dont let the public know about.
While you are waiting, you could lookup and try the microcode patches that Microsoft put out for Windows. That would accomplish the same goal.
Interestingly, I have the same board, and I reached out to them a while back to see what was up

Running on the BETA version for my MSI X99 Raider.. probably won't be long till they update the rest.

7885vP64 (Beta version)
Release Date
File Size
6.13 MB

- Update Intel Micro code for security vulnerabilities
Note: MSI do not recommend updating the BIOS unless it is necessary
Bios is finally out, I have yet to install it, kinda want to do some before and after benchmarks

- Improved memory compatibility.
- Improved USB compatibility.
- Fix MSI Clutch GM60/GM70 mouse cursor jump in windows and BIOS when DPI set over 1000Mhz.
- Update Intel Micro code for security vulnerabilities

I'm excited for the USB compatibility, mine drop randomly for a split second here and there, been thinking its the board on it's way out, maybe this will fix it
Thank you for the heads up! Applied it to my system - no ill effects thus far.

EDIT: not only no ill effects, I was finally able to fully utilize my 32GB of G.Skill 2800MHz DDR4...


Will be posting a multi-hour Intel XTU OC test to verify stability here in a few min. This is like having a new PC!!!

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