2.5" drive

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    What Does Second Hard Drive Connection Do?

    Hi, What does connection on the left side of photo do?
  2. S

    3.5" drives in Dell R710 2.5"

    Hi, I have just purchased a Dell R710, the 2.5" drive version, and I have a couple of 3.5" sata drives I would like to put in it and use as central media storage within an ESXi environment as raid 1. Is this possible and if so what are my options please? Regards.
  3. The Internal

    Best 2.5" HDD/hybrid drives for Silverstone RVZ02B mini-itx case?

    Heyo. Currently researching a mini-ITX LGA 1151 system with an M.2 main drive, but I'd like to have a media drive or two as well. Seriously eyeballing the slim Silverstone RVZ02B for it's looks / full GPU support. However, to fit in a full size graphics card, I'm only going to have two 2.5"...