3.5" drives in Dell R710 2.5"

Mar 17, 2017
Hi, I have just purchased a Dell R710, the 2.5" drive version, and I have a couple of 3.5" sata drives I would like to put in it and use as central media storage within an ESXi environment as raid 1. Is this possible and if so what are my options please?

-2.5" drives
-different server
-3.5" backplane (likely need more parts than it's worth to make everything play nice)


build/buy (depending what you have already)
something to use as a nas or san for storage only for your current 3.5" drives
Thanks for your reply, I was hoping there was an option for fitting 3.5" into the chassis somehow easily and cost effective, as I wanted to keep everything in the one unit to save power / resources. I'll have to sell the the two 2TB 3.5" drives and purchase some 2.5", not cheap.
Np. Hopefully others will help. I doubt I have the only ideas.

2tb you say? Lol :happy: I'm looking for some more.

BUT back to your issue. Depending on budget you could build a decent power efficient storage host with a couple nic's .

Otherwise $80-100 per drive new. Or risk some fleabay used for cheaper I'm sure. Also keep your eyes on the fs section as you get your post count up. Some awesome sellers here.

Gl with what you decide and keep us (me) updated.
I'm in the same exact boat as you. I stumbled on a really cheap one. It appears cheaper to just buy another one than it is to go 2.5". I have some 2.5" drives so I may just build this one into a compute unit and maybe grab a 3.5" version for handling storage or something that holds more drives than the R710 does.
I know this is an old thread, however you can always just use direct attached storage. Get an HBA (or raid card) with an external port, rack the DAS and cable it in. You can buy a used DAS chassis with no drives cheap, or build your own with a case that has a ton of 3.5" and a sas expander