Windows Update Fixes Previous Patch's Mouse Issues


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Mar 3, 2018
Microsoft has released a fix to a previous update that reportedly caused "graphics and mouse performance degradation with desktop gaming when playing certain games, such as Destiny 2." KB4482887 contained the performance enhancing "Retpoline" Spectre mitigation, and in addition to the new mouse and graphics fixes, the newly released KB4489899 update patches some Microsoft Hololens calibration and tracking issues as well.

After installing this update on machines that have multiple audio devices, applications that provide advanced options for internal or external audio output devices may stop working unexpectedly. This issue occurs for users that select an audio output device different from the "Default Audio Device." Examples of applications that may stop working include: Windows Media Player, Realtek HD Audio Manager, Sound Blaster Control Panel
I don't know if this happens for anyone else but remote desktop sessions (using the RDP desktop app) to systems/vms with this KB installed black screen if I minimize the session and come back to it some period of time. Can't interact with the session after that other than close and re-open. Using the UWP RDP app from Windows Store works fine as does using mRemoteNG and Royal TS.
And yet nothing with audio broke on any of my systems.
I had one issue on a machine that has a dedicated sound card installed in addition to the onboard device, programs stopped working on things that were set to "Default Audio Device" and I had to specify them to correct the problem so that took some 30s to identify and fix.... ?
Will need to see how it goes when I have a moment, I had to pull the previous patch.
This patch to fix things just broke more stuff unfortunately. Nothing like rolling the dice when a fix for mouse and game performance contains 50 other "fixes". While I cant share details its affecting some things in the business world right now. Cant wait for the fix for the fix.
Wow. Windows 10 is the gift that just keeps giving. Yeesh.
Shame crApple stopped making those 'Hi I'm Apple, and I'm PC' commercials.
If they had fun with Vista, 10's a blast.
Heh, I'd *love* to see them start back up. Microsoft is giving them plenty of fodder.