[Win7] Networking issue


Dec 5, 2007
Hoping someone here can give me some suggestions since I am kind of stumped.

The main issue is I cannot reach linuxmint.com from any Windows 7 Browser. The site is up and running but inaccessible to me in Windows 7. I can reach it in my windows 7 machine through a Virtual Box VM. So since that accesses the net via a bridged adapter that means the issue should reside with something in Win 7 between the browser and the network driver. So far I have done the following:
  • flushed the dns cache and rebooted
  • checked the hosts file (nothing in it that would cause this)
  • removed third party firewall (comodo) and checked the Windows Firewall advanced rules
  • pinged the site, I can reach it and I get back the reply fine so it is resolving the host properly
  • tracert seems to work and reach the destination
  • Disabled the windows firewall and Antivirus to make sure they aren't an issue
  • booted to safe mode + networking to disable a bunch of startup programs
and as far as I can tell it should work, but still every browser in Win 7 (Firefox, IE (32/64bit), Vivaldi, Pale Moon, Opera, Sea Monkey) all time out and get no data from the site. I first noticed it when the Linux Mint 18 release came out. When I went to download it at release and couldn't reach the site, but I didn't think anything about it cause it was the first day so I figured something happened on their end with the volume of people accessing the site, but it's been like a couple of weeks and now that I am trying again I can see it's on my end specifically in Windows 7 somewhere. I already downloaded the ISOs I needed via the virtual machine but I still am trying to fix this issue so suggestions are most welcome.
Hm, the site has no ipv6 record, might be related? You can check by disabling the protocol in adapter settings. Other than that... would have to figure out at what part of the connection it's failing :)
Thanks, gave it a try and that didn't fix it. :( It's just a really weird problem. It not really be a big issue overall, but I just really want to know why and how it got like this lol.