Raw Data 0.3 - Crashes / Terrible performance after patch


Zero Cool
Sep 2, 2004
I haven't played this game too much, but before the latest patch I was able to run SS at max in game (2.0) and get decent performance. Now, the game has all sorts of problems.

-If SS is enabled in the Steam config, the game doesn't even run right. Massive stutter and everything looks tiny. Unplayable.
-With SS off, the game will just crash right after the intro screens.
-Tried turning PhysX to CPU per some suggestions, and the game runs now but the performance is abysmal compared to before. I have to bump SS down to 1.5 and even then there is a fair amount of stutter and slowdown.

Anyone else having issues? I am running the latest nVidia driver and every other game I have tried runs fine, even with SS forced at 1.5 in the Steam config.
I couldn't even get the resolution above 1.3x without the entire thing stuttering on my build. Still ran like shit, unfortunately. Seems to be that there's just some general issues for now.