Orbus Players


Mar 19, 2010
Anybody checked out Orbus yet? I've got about 5-10 hours in it but it has gotten kind of stale...maybe because I'm a bit aimless or have been playing solo.

For those not in the know, Orbus is an early access VR MMO. I haven't progressed beyond firearms yet but everything is very much a manual process. Crafting tables have you dump stuff on a table and then combine mats by moving them with your hands. Combat with firearms is alright...sights could use some work. From what I've seen, magic requires waving a wand in specific patterns to cast a spell. There's sword and shield play as well. They've got some interesting ideas on quest tracking, there's no minimap that shows you current location yet...just a book with a map on it and a compass you carry on you that tells you general directions to landmarks. Movement is versatile with the option to move via thumbstick or teleportation and you can mix and match as you want (no menu option that sticks you with only one). Graphically, it leaves a bit to be desired...think Nintendo Mii and then design an entire world around that style.

Being early access and, as far as I know, the only VR MMO out there, it does a pretty good job. If you are into MMOs and have VR, i'd recommend picking it up. Not sure if it's available for the Vive and it should still play pretty well if you have a smaller play area.
I played it for about an hour when it was on a free weekend on oculus (and won $35usd in rift gold rush!) - but found it quite basic yes.. needs some tutorials besides all those sign posts at the start.