Oculus Customer Service Thread (A+)



I was having some issues with the headset losing signal. It was either the cable or the port on the headset itself. It would get a signal, but with any movement it would keep going in an out. Also I had an issue with the left headphone not working.

I submitted a ticket at 2 a.m on a Saturday and was surprised to get a response within 10 minutes (not an automated one). After sending in a diagnostic file and explaining the issue, I had a prepaid shipping label via email the next morning. Sent it in Monday morning (they asked for all hardware, but I just sent in the headset and the sensor.

I just received a brand new complete set! (new headset, sensor, remote, xbox one controller...the works.)

After reading all the horror stories about their CS, I was expected the worst but received the best.

Kudos to Oculus!
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