Logitech G400 vs ???


Jun 30, 2003
Having owned the Logitech MX518 for several years, I wanted a similar mouse and opted for the Logitech G400 which I still use today. It's 2016 now, visually the mouse looks tired and I am thinking about replacing it sometime this year. So what's out there that could be a step up from the G400? Any recommendations? I want a mouse for gaming mainly but I also do some photo editing.
My mouse progression was to give you a background:

MX518 (still in use at work)
G5 (broke after 5 years)
G500 (broke within 3 warranty)
G500S (replaced by G500 from warranty, still in use)
Deathadder (broke right after the 1 year warranty was up)
G502 (in use)

Tracking wise, I found the MX518, G5, Deathadder and now G502 to be great.

Shape-wise, I liked them all.

Didn't really like the off-center sensor on the G500/s.

I say give the G402 or G502 a try (same general shape)
Thanks guys. The G602 is wireless, any problems with wireless mice? I've only had wired, any lag?

The G502 I keep hearing about the wheel rattling, anyone experienced this?

The G900 looks nice but is really expensive, is it worth it?
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I've been using a Logitech m510 since 2012 until recently I never had an issue, the original batteries are still in it, (truth). I shut it off when not in use, I bought it because I was more than tired of the cord when playing. But 4 yrs, of work and frustrating video game play has taken its toll on buttons. Also I'm noticing a jerky movement when scrolling across the screen. A suggestion from another member regarding my own questions about gaming mice got me to best buy this aft and I got to put my right hand on a bunch of really nice mice, Ooh Baby, Razor and Corsair and Logitech oh my! I ended up buying the g700s because it does indeed closely match the physical dimensions of the M510 and it has what appears to be a great software set. I did however order it through amazon because they are having a great sale on the g700s.
I'm concerned by the noise and rattle of the G502 wheel, it really is a big negative from what I read.
I'm concerned by the noise and rattle of the G502 wheel, it really is a big negative from what I read.

I don't hyperscroll the wheel on my G502 (only for kicks), and I don't really notice the sound on the wheel, but it probably feels like the cheapest part of the mouse with the hard plastic (don't get me wrong, the rest of the mouse is great) so I can't say the rattling would be a surprise. Depends how obsessive-compulsive you are I guess.
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