i7-7700K Cache Frequency?

Jan 10, 2017

I'm a long-time lurker on this forum, but only recently registered.

I have a question regarding the cache frequency on the Kaby Lake line, specifically the 7700K. I'm not sure what the optimal ratio should be. I don't recall seeing anything on ARK and information seems limited or suspect due to how new the line is.

I may have won the chip lotto again and prefer not to screw this up. Currently I'm at 4.9 GHz on 1.25v with 4.5GHz on the cache. I'm still testing for stability, but thus far things are looking good.

Is there a definitive answer on the Core to Cache ratio or is this somewhat flexible?

Thanks in advance,
Exactly what KIAman said. It's just like Skylake. After you stabilized your core clock, match the cache multiplier and retest. If it's stable, great. If not drop it down 1x and try again,