Htc vive orders are processing

Apr 13, 2012
Just got an email today. No ship date yet but it sounds like they are ready to go for April.
Gonna be interesting seeing which one is really gonna get out the gate by the thousands first. Oculus seems to be dropping the ball on their logistics.
To be fair, HTC has had its setup for doing mass distribution in volume already in place for several years, as it isn't the new kid on the block. Both companies are dropping a lot of product into distribution channels right now, but I expect HTC has a bit more experience under their collective belt in this realm and will have less hiccups.

I've got a Rift order with Oculus with an expected April delivery, but haven't received any shipping update notices from them yet. (Will get an update soon though I hope!)

I just got this today from HTC:


I fully expect that I will get the HTC Vive first, possibly followed by the Rift a week or so later...

April is going to be a fun month!
Both my estimates were for April, so I'm interested to see which shows up first (I also expect it'll be the Vive). And I'm going to need an additional power strip judging by the inventory.
Unboxing that huge Vive setup is going to be fun! When I got my Steam Link, I was really impressed with the packaging for such a cheap item.

Can't wait to read the first impressions of this, Vive looks to the the most complete VR setup of the big three.