First PC Build :)


Sep 15, 2018
Like the title says, first PC build ever. Super excited and very scared haha. A friend of mine recommended this site so here I am.

My parts list for comments and suggestions. Been watching YouTube videos on building a computer. Have the motherboard, GPU, PSU, RAM and case already. Waiting on CPU and SSD to arrive next week before even taking the components out of their package. Unless there’s something I should do beforehand. Either way, I appreciate any info and tips anyone has.

An FYI, the purpose of the computer is for Gaming and school. From what I’ve researched i’m hoping to to get high to ultra settings on 1080p.

Thanks for stopping by.
The parts look OK to me. With that GPU you should be able to hit High and Ultra but the only thing that might need to be turned down is shadows. At least in my experience that's the setting that kills the most even vs. running higher resolutions.
Thanks, i'm excited to start building this system. Do you recommend waiting for the CPU before I start putting it together. Or can I start putting everything else already?
Decent build. You can start putting the psu into the case and ram into the motherboard unless it's a cramped small form factor case. The CPU/heatsink i like to do when the motherboard is outside of the case. Makes it easier in my opinion.
I had it completely built waiting for the cpu to arrive. And once I popped it in nothing worked haha. Turns out the motherboard was bad. So took it all apart, got a new motherboard and booted up like a christmas tree. Updated everything and now enjoying steam games on my new PC. :)
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thanks, i was disappointed when nothing worked at first. But after some troubleshooting it worked out in the end.
Congrats! Getting ready to do my own build soon also. (Will be like my 5th or 6th one) My first ever build took me like 6-7 hours but mainly because i had never done it before. Now it's only about 2-3 hours nowadays.