Extend oculus headset cable length


Dec 7, 2003
I just need to know what works with extending the headset for oculus.

I think 16' might do it off the top of my head.. figure extending the usb connection with a cable matters 16' active usb 3.0 cable would do that but what about the hdmi?? Adding more then 10' will work??

Ive heard some use a displayport to 4k hdmi adapter is best when extending the hdmi cable.
I need to know quick cause i need to swap my new nerd cave room around so i can have the cables reach the other side of the basement where im going to have the vr space.

Sucks cause it would of been nice to know before i did the room that this was going to happen.. prob take me a few days to rewire the surround speakers and cat6 cables :/

I'll have a 10x10 space but in the end like a 8x6 barrier (if one can do an odd number??) So i dont hit the walls or pole haha.

Grab a third sensor and a bunch of 16' active usb cables for the sensors. See how that goes before doing a 4th sensor.
Thanks for the link.. but surely people are using longer then an extra 6 feet max on the headset??

Hell ill need 10 feet just to reach the area but really wouldnt want any less then 16 feet so i could have it above the head so one can move around.

People have extended it more, but those are what are known to work. I believe you can extend it farther using active cables but YMMV on that.

I myself only use a 3' extension on mine that brings the HDMI port to the front of the case, and I have no trouble reaching the corners of my 11'x11' space.
I just ordered the vive link box and a power adapter for it.

After hearing some say it works, ill give it a go. Better that way as it was looking like i was leaning going with a hdmi repeater and theres a ton of them on amazon with reviews all over the place stating it works and as many saying it didnt.

Going for 15' extension with it.. if that dont work i got a backup 12' to try. Cant do any less.

Nice! Your brave.. i chickend out and grabed the vive link box and a 15' male to male hdmi cable and a 15' male to male usb3.0 cable and called it good.

Sucked having to also order a power supply for it but that came today and it works so far so im happy.

Didnt want to take weeks buying this and that for it not to work and wasting money.

Oculus should of made there own link box when they came out with the touch controllers!

Oculus was damn fast at shipping out my 3rd sensor.. think i got it in 2 days free shipping.

Going to wire it all up later on today.