[H]ard|DCer of the Year - 2014
Jan 29, 2006
Not bad for only a couple devices running.
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Thanks for the hint on a different channel; installed on iPad Mini 3 and iPad Pro 12" (v1). On the iPad Pro I have so far 92 on a DRUGS Phase 2.

What I a bit dislike is the fact that is seems not aggregating across devices (even when under the same Apple ID). And no team setup.
Else I like that (finally) some VC can be done on iOS. Though its painful as I need to keep the device unlocked the whole day. Not really nice as it give access to eMail etc.
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Yeah...I had higher hopes for this when they launched. They also have a locked in deal with Vodafone too which kind of limits them. Otherwise I like the app with the same complaints you listed above.
I should also point out that though they are on Android and have been for a while, they appear to have added an iOS app probably around March this year. This makes it the only DC app on iOS that I am aware of.