Do any VR headsets support Freesync?


Supreme [H]ardness
Sep 17, 2004
I'm about ready to finally jump into the world of VR. But I'm very spoiled by the smooth perfect that Freesync provides. Do any of the current VR headsets support Freesync for their display?
No, VRR is actually not preferred for smoothness in VR. Reprojection accomplishes smoothness when/if your system can't keep up.
Keep fps between 70-90 and it'll be a smooth experience depending on your sensitivity to stutter. What headset and type of games you planning to run in vr? There are many more things to consider in vr as opposed to pancake mode. I started with a rift s and quickly decided that gaming through a pair of binoculars wasn't for me. Picked up a Pimax 5K super advertised fov 200 degrees refresh rate 180hz but no games support for that wide angle. Most games only support up to 150 degrees. I run it at 150 deg 120hz and it is amazing. Lot's bash on pimax but I ignore their BS and could never go back to binocular view. My rig is purpose built just to support my headset for DX11 VR simracing and flight sims and it is just enough to maintain 80-90 fps at steam vr super sampling 150% 3848X3148 per eye for the best clarity possible. Needless to say so it takes some juice to run vr at those settings.