Crazy Justice


Jul 26, 2013
A new BR game is expected to be released this month (probably aligning with E3) -


Now this is a genre already dominated by PUBG and Fortnite so much so PUBG is going all legal. Now a new game entering this genre needs to offer something to entice players and its look is closer to Fortnite than PUBG. Its main differentiator appears to be Switch support but with Fortnite unofficially slated to be coming to switch this might not be enough to ensure a healthy player base...

There are other novel feature but who knows
trailer out

Also... so release in the next 1-2weeks

I played the shit out of PUBG and Fortnite even more so. I'm just not at all excited about this - the trailer makes the game look unbelievably lame to be frank. It'll be interesting to see what happens though as they take on the two giants.
I've been looking into this one myself. Please note that it isn't solely a Battle Royale game - there are co-op modes as well (not unlike Fortnite in this regard). It really has some potentially neat features that mean to deal with the shortcomings of other games of the genre. For instance, there is building but there is NO "instant building Fortnite style" ! For those who don't know about it in Fortnite, you can instantly place blocks/forms into the game world that, while animating like they are being constructed" have full HP and presence. This means that most Fortnite matches come down to who can best speed-build themselves walls to protect themselves and/or repeated sniper-nests (ie at least 3 walls and a ramp to the top of it,, allowing you to peek over etc..).

CrazyJustice seems to be expanding things quite a bit in many ways, such as having characters with some gameplay differences, skill cards/choices, and much more. One noteworthy expansion they kind of mention in the video is a wide release across varying platforms. The game is being released on all 3 consoles, but both XboxOne and (amazingly) Nintendo Switch will cross-play with each other plus PC! PS4 I hear doesn't "allow" crossplay but maybe I'm incorrect; I'm sure if they can, they will add it too. Most notably that PC does NOT mean Windows only, with clients for MacOSX and Linux! This will mean the first "big" game of the genre on Linux (and OSX) so it can have a dedicated player base on those platforms too, all crossplayable of course! The inclusion of NO microtransactions is a big feature considering most of the genre depends on them; so for those who are potentially put-off by the rest of the genre and its use of microtransactions, don't let fatigue stop you from supporting one of those who may be trying to take a more player-friendly monetization approach!

Its worth it to mention that CrazyJustice is crowdfunded through Fig (a good platform for game crowdfunding exclusively, and allowing users to pledge normally and/or actually invest into the game if they wish!) and hit all of its stretch goals! If you want more info or to get in on the earliest/best pre-orders check out - !