Amazon Expands Counterfeit Removal Program


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Apr 10, 2003
Amazon has expanded it's counterfeit removal program by enlisting the help of third party companies that sell products on Amazon. Starting in April, any third party brand that registers their logo and intellectual property with Amazon will become empowered to flag counterfeit products for immediate removal from the e-commerce website. The brand registry is completely free of cost and has been in a testing phase for awhile. Amazon benefits from the relationship with a commission on third party sales while also selling fulfillment and advertising services to third parties.

Third party sellers have reaped the benefits of selling on Amazon. At least 100,000 third party sellers have generated $100,000 in sales on the platform. I hope this gets rid of some of the fake accounts that spring up when a new product comes out. They pretend to sell the same item as Amazon and the legitimate third party sellers for 25% less. It's a scam that needs some form of moderation on Amazon's part also.

Shoppers, brands or Amazon itself can flag counterfeit goods via the brand registry, which the company developed in 2016. Amazon is also offering brands a program called "Transparency," which lets them label packages with a code so shoppers can cross-check their purchase against official information. Faricy said efforts against counterfeit products are at an early stage. "I don’t think it’s the kind of thing where you ever feel like there’s a clear ending," he said. "It’s a journey.”
Serious problem for NFL, NHL, MLB, & NBA. Jerseys, team logo'd clothes, hats, etc. Amazon really needed to do something about it. Retailers, etailers, etc.. paying for the real stuff are losing out on millions of dollars of sales to the fakes. Samething with a lot of big brands. Fake Nikes, Reeboks, etc... from China are flooding Amazon.
I think generally this is a good idea but I'm cautious of companies like Apple banning legit items that are just cheaper than their own stuff.

Hopefully Amazon monitors companies that abuse it.
Or the china knockoffs of the kick starters, for less than half the price, that ships months before the real kick starter. Hell odds are the kick starter is made in china in the same factory.
I see this for exactly what it is ... an anti competition tool.

When the end result is money, EVERYONE in business will do whatever they can. It's not if they will abuse the tool, it's really down to how, when and what their excuse will be.

But I express this opinion without really knowing what safe guards are put into place. Amazon still makes a lot of money from all the cheaper products.

The people that want to spend $10 dollars or under is 1000x greater than the people that want to spend $15 or $20. And on up the price point latter. So I don't see this tool as cutting out millions of dollars in profit.

Also, I knew about the issues with Kickstarter knock off products. I had always assumed Amazon had closer relationships with the Kickstarter people and would block these products. Maybe not? If so, this could be a great tool for that.
I don't really care about this. I wish they would put more focus on the fraudulent sellers who put prices far below normal and never ship anything.

That, and there is no way to even report them without starting a chat or call, no way to flag something. And you cant give the seller a bad rating because the order is not finished. Or the VERY obvious ones that the seller name and description states to email them outside of Amazon before placing the order.
How about a removal program for the "Just Launched" scammers..
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Fakes suck, especially when you spend full price for a knockoff. But anyone purchasing a $40 yeti when a $10 rtic does the exact same thing deserves to be fleeced.
only thing I suspect of being fake is the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo blades that I buy from them
For those who actually still burn, so many fake BD-Rs out there.
if it's too good to be true, then should stay away from it
ya i agree that the site should have a tool to flag those "just launched" sellers at ridiculously low prices

is it me or there is no filter by seller region
on ebay, i just filter the results by items in the US only
hate shuffling thru amazon where the seller is located or being shipped from