1. modi123

    Win10 - Safe mode - LogonUI.exe, stack based buffer in this application

    My dad's PC took a dive this morning. It was getting the black screen with moveable cursor and intermittent blue circle screen right after the windows10 log in. Fair enough, I am figuring it's a borked driver, so I go to boot it into safe mode and I am greeted with this right after the logo...
  2. L

    Firefox constantly crashing since latest updates

    Win10's new big update? Firefox?? Thought I had it fixed by manually re-dl'ing MS updates + reinstalling Firefox... but still getting sudden crashes /running out of ideas
  3. L

    Is this R3@L L1F3 ? Micro$oft???

    LoL ????
  4. FrgMstr

    Win10 April Update is Smashing...I Meant Crashing...Sorry

    If you have "some Intel SSDs" in your system, you might have already figured out that upgrading to Windows 10 April 2018 may not be a a good call as you have gotten stuck in a boot loop or that your system crashes repeatedly. On the upside Microsoft is very aware of this and now blocking these...
  5. Reality

    Z77 (Maximus V Extreme) Win10 wifi driver issues

    Wanted to make this thread for anybody using a Maximus V Extreme (Perhaps even the Maximus V Formula, or other Z77 Asus boards) which use the Broadcom Bluetooth+WiFi combo card, in combination with Windows 10 x64 Lately I've been getting roughly 50% of the speed I used to get prior to...
  6. J

    External USB drive keeps connecting/disconnecting on Win10

    Hi all, I've got a really strange situation with my Dell XPS laptop (Win 10) and external USB drives. Since I bought the laptop, my external USB drives and my smart phone keep connecting and disconnecting. The situation with one of the drives now is so strong that I can't use the drive at all...
  7. FrgMstr

    Bloatware-free Windows 10 at Major Geeks

    While I can very much get into the spirit of having something like this downloadable Windows 10 Creators Update Bloatware Free Edition Read at Major Geeks, there are certainly more than few dangers that go along with it even if it is does allow "legal" activation of the operating system. I...
  8. FrgMstr

    Windows 10 vs Linux OpenGL Performance on Kaby Lake

    It is the ultimate showdown of hipster neckbeards and nerds, and will surely end in a bloodbath. Then again maybe not. There are a lot of us interested in Linux as a gaming platform however, and phoronix has a bevy of benchmarks that address exactly that when compared to Microsoft's latest and...
  9. A

    Windows 10 - RAID 10

    I currently have Windows 10 installed on a Kingston HyperX 3k 120GB SSD and have a WD 1TB HDD for storage. I am adding 3 more HyperX SSD's to make a RAID 10 array. I will put the OS and programs on the array and continue to use the other drive for storage. In the future I may add a second 1TB...
  10. Sephiroth149

    (SOLVED) - EVGA 1080 Stuck at MAX GPU CLOCK when Idle on Windows 10

    Hey Guys, The problem appeared after the latest WIN 10 update, After booting my computer my MAX GPU Clock will reach 1999MHZ under idle and will never drop back.... I've deleted the drivers and EVGA Precision and I've done I clean install of the driver with no luck. In the NVIDIA Control Panel...
  11. S

    What am I doing wrong? Trying to dual boot Win7 and Win10 with no luck.

    As the title says, I'm trying to dual boot the two OSes, no luck. Upgrading my Win7 partition to 10 resulted in so many crashes and WTFery that I am amazed the recovery to going back to win7 works. Literally, it crashed on the login screen and ate my primary account/profile but kept my...
  12. rezerekted

    Perfect example of why Win10 forced updates is just plain bad

    No gamer in their right mind wants to deal with BS like this! WARNING!! Very important to G27 Logitech wheel users :: DiRT Rally General Chat WARNING!! Very important to G27 Logitech wheel users I have a G27 with Profiler 5.10 and LGS 8.83.85 ( for my KB and Mouse ) installed. Theres a...