1. Armenius

    WarCraft and WarCraft II now available on GOG

    Following up with their collaborative release of the original Diablo, Blizzard and GOG release the original WarCraft and WarCraft II in a bundle now available. I did not see any mention of Beyond the Dark Portal, the expansion set for WarCraft II. Given that this expansion was outsourced like...
  2. R

    VR Finally Gets a Quality RTS With "Brass Tactics"

    Brass Tactics has come out for the Oculus Rift and UploadVR is giving it a glowing review. Fans of the genre will be happy with the classic RTS style gameplay set in a steampunk setting. The game's campaign has 4-6 hours of content, and the whole game features 20 different maps, multiple armies...
  3. psychopass472

    Empires War

    Saw an ad. on FB occasionally which recommend a game called Empires War, saying like the mobie version of AOE. Since I played AOE in my childhood, I tried this game as well. If anyone like playing RTS, it's worth a try. and welcome to my alliance LOL :jimlad:
  4. M


    Basically a remake of Herzog Zwei. A traditional RTS, except that your avatar is a transformer that respawns on death. Created by one programmer, who also designed the graphics.
  5. D

    Savage Resurrection .... anyone else playing?

    I'm not even really sure how I came across this game, but it is interesting so far. Apparently there are a number of Savage games previous to this, however I had never heard or played them previously. The game is an RTS / FPS hybrid in UE4. Save 25% on Savage Resurrection on Steam
  6. P

    GTX 1060 and DX11 (not 12) games (RTS Division)

    Those that have a GTX 1060 and also play DX11 games, what RTS titles are the games that show their best??