Savage Resurrection .... anyone else playing?


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Aug 11, 2005
I'm not even really sure how I came across this game, but it is interesting so far. Apparently there are a number of Savage games previous to this, however I had never heard or played them previously.

The game is an RTS / FPS hybrid in UE4.

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Savage Resurrection Overview
Savage Resurrection is a FPS RTS where players engage in 12v12 online team play. It is developed and published by S2 Games, the same gaming company that created Savage and Savage 2. Savage Resurrection is a revamped version of Savage: A Battle for Newerth. As a Human or a Beast, players must secure resources, craft buildings, defend structures and objectives to claim victory. Master ranged and melee weapons to crush opponents in combat. Undertake research to unlock better items and gear. Play on more than four distinct maps with clean 3D graphics made possible with Unreal Engine 4. Other features include a leaderboard, cosmetic items, and 12v12 or 7v7 matches.

Savage Resurrection Key Features:

  • Unique Blend of FPS/RTS – work with allies, command AIs, conduct research, and fight your enemies in real-time.
  • Active Dev Team – the game is constantly being updated and tweaked, showing the dedication of the development team to make this a great experience.
  • Reminiscent Savagery – for veterans of Savage: A Battle for Newerth, this will be not only an awesome trip down memory lane, but a journey with tons of new adjustments.
  • Teamwork Wins – team-focused gameplay that encourages players to work together in order to achieve victory.
  • Awesome 3D Graphics – run around beautifully rendered maps with amazing 3D graphics that add to the immersive gameplay.
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Empty servers was the biggest issue I had with the last attempt at playing this series.
Played 1 and 2 briefly.

Biggest problem was, you didnt know WTF was going on. Still seems to be a problem.
I got into the free open alpha but never got around to playing it. Now either that's over or my key was revoked. I feel that the game is too expensive. It seems so hard for indie games like this that require a dedicated community to take off. It's almost like every MP indie game needs to be F2P or else it will fail.